The Hair Weft can be used in several ways. Here we explain how to insert the Hair Weft using the weaving method.

You will need: 

Weaving: The number of packs required depends on the length of the hair extensions. 

We recommend: 

25–30  cm: 1–2  packs 
35–45  cm: 2–3  packs 

Included:100 g of hair per pack. The hair weft is 120 - 135 cm wide. Hair length refers to the length when the hair is straight. 

Weaving tutorial for beginners 

When sewing in your hair using the weaving method, you can choose one of several ways. If you are unsure, you can always ask your hairdresser for help, tips and advice for your particular  hair type. 

  1. Start by braiding your hair into small, French braids, then sew the end(s) of the braid(s) or use a bonnet. The braids then create the pattern that you sew your  weft on,  e.g. middle/side parting.
  2. Using a needle and thread, sew your  weft to  the braids. Create a  blanket stitch (where the thread comes under the needle). 
  3. Leave the braids on the crown as a bare section. Measure out and then sew your  Lace  Closure  with the needle and thread. Start at the sides and work your way around. 
  4. Then cut the mesh to the hairline above your forehead. Be careful not to cut too close to where the hair starts. 

Tip! If you like to wear your hair in a ponytail, it’s a good idea to sew the weft under the braid for a more natural look. 

Styling curly hair 

  • Always use the recommended products for styling and washing your curly hair, as permed hair needs a lot of moisture. Both shampoo and conditioner, but also deep conditioning treatment.  Rapunzel  hair care products give your hair all the moisture and nourishment it needs. 
  • Always use wide-toothed combs when combing curly/textured hair. Avoid the use of brushes. 
  • Comb through the hair before washing, starting at the ends and working your way up. This makes it easier to remove any tangles. If you comb your hair before instead of after washing, you will easily maintain the  shape of the curls. If you need to detangle the hair after washing, a tip is to use your fingers. This reduces  frizz  and keeps the curls looking beautiful for longer. 
  • For defined curls, allow the hair to dry naturally after washing. For more volume, use a hairdryer with a diffuser. Always use heat protection to protect your hair against breakage, and apply  a leave-in  conditioner  before drying. By doing so, the curls will retain their shape better.Bear in mind that any heated styling tools will damage your hair and affect its quality. 

Sleeping with curly hair 

For your curls to stay beautiful and your full head weave to last longer, it’s a good idea to think about the right care for your curls as you sleep. Here are some tips on how to best style your hair for the pillow: 


In this way, you avoid hair around the neck and sleeping on the curls. Instead, you gather it in a bunch on the top of your head. Use a soft hairband. 

French braid 

A French braid not only protects your hair from breakage, but also from friction when you sleep. In addition, it creates Body Wave curls when you release the braid in the morning. One tip is to section your hair and create several braids. 

Two-strand twists 

Instead of braiding, you can section your hair into two. Then divide these sections into two and twist them around each other, from the top to the ends. This works best on slightly tighter curls. 


Use a Satin Bonnet when you sleep. This helps to protect the ends against friction from bed linen and pyjamas. Another tip, if you prefer to sleep with your hair down, is to use a satin pillowcase instead of cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and leaves your hair and curls less defined, frizzier and drier.