All you need to know about your extensions. Attachment with weaving, tips and products.

What types of curls should I choose?

Our range offers a variety of afro textured hair wefts. Soft Wave, Curly Curls. Bouncy Curl and Coily Curl - all these hair wefts differ in curl size. The various types of curls have their own Lace Closure.

  • The hair weft is ideal to apply using a weave method.
  • The hair is real and can easily be shaped and styled to suit your need. Perfect if you have fewer curls/afro hair
  • Tons of styling options - you choose! Reverts to its curly shape after washing

This includes: 100 g hair/package. The hair weft is 2 m wide. The length of the hair is measured when it is straight.

You need:  
Weaving: The number of packages varies depending on the length of the extension.
We recommend:  
10” 12” (25-30 cm): 1-2 packages
14” 16” 18” (35-45 cm): 2-3 packages

Find a suitable Lace Closure

You sew in your Lace Closure on the top of your head or the side of your hair to get your weave-look to appear even more natural. The front is made up of a net of hand-knitted hair strands for a lifelike scalp. The net is cut after application which makes it easy to ensure it follows your hairline.

Size: 12 x 9,5 cm

  • Net bottom for a natural look.
  • Applied using a weave method to help achieve a natural look on your full head weave.
  • Perfect if you have problems with bald spots, receding hairline or thinning hair. 
  • Real hair that can easily be shaped and styled to suit your need.

Weaving tutorial for beginners

There are several ways to sew in your hair when using the weave method. If you are in doubt, you can always ask your hairdresser for help, tips and advice for your type of hair.

  1. Begin by braiding your hair into small, French braids and then sew the ends to the braid/braids or use a bonnet. The braids then form the pattern which you sew your hair weft to, such as a middle/side part.
  2. Using a needle and thread, sew your hair weft to the braids. Use a languette stitch (the thread is under the needle).
  3. Tie the braids on top of your head, leaving a bare section. Measure and sew your Lace Closure in place using a needle and thread. Start on the sides and work your way around. 
  4. Then cut the net along the hairline on your forehead. Make sure you don't cut too close to the start of the hair. 

Tips! If you like to put your hair up into a pony tail, try sewing the hair weft under the braid for a more natural look.

Still in doubt? Ask your hairdresser for help, tips and advice for your type of hair.

Styling curly hair

  • Always use recommended products for styling and washing your curly hair. 
  • Comb through the hair before washing it. Start with the tips and work upwards. This makes it easier to straighten out any tangles. If you have combed the hair before washing instead of afterwards, it is easier to keep the shape of your curls. If you still need to untangle it after washing, try using your fingers. The hair does not get as frizzy and the curls stay softer longer.
  • For more defined curls, let the hair self-dry after washing. For more volume, use a blowdryer with a diffuser. Always use a heat protectant to protect the hair against wear and apply a leave-in cream before you dry it. That way, the curls keep their shape longer. 
  • Permed hair needs a great deal of moisture, by using shampoo and balsam but also a hair mask. 
  • Sometimes certain curls can straighten faster than others, usually those closest to your face that you touch more than others. If you don't want to wash the hair, try using a curling iron on the curls to restore their bounce

Daily care of your hair weft

  • Style it your way. You can straighten, curl and style our human hair extensions just like your own hair.
  • Braid hair before sleeping, exercising and playing sport. 
  • Comb hair regularly; at least once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Always use the recommended Rapunzel® wide-toothed comb for curly and afro-textured hair.
  • Use the Rapunzel® range of recommended haircare and styling products for curly hair.
  • Check any tape, rings and lengths to avoid tangles.
  • Always comb your hair before showering and never brush when wet.
  • Let your hair dry naturally or use a hair diffuser if blow-drying. And never go to sleep with wet hair.
  • Sun, wind and water will damage your hair. Avoid bathing and swimming in sea water or chlorinated water, and braid your hair in humid weather conditions.
  • To keep your hair extensions in great condition, we don’t recommend colouring or bleaching.
  • Please keep in mind that hair extensions are not recommended for use by those taking certain medications and/or with certain illnesses.
  • When removing your hair extensions, follow our instructions carefully and always use the recommended products to avoid damaging your own hair.
  • Remember, all heat styling can cause hair damage and affects its overall condition.

Sleeping with curly hair

To ensure that your curls stay in shape and your full head weave lasts longer, it might be a good idea to think about what happens to your curls while you are asleep. We have some good ideas on how best to shape your hair while lying on a pillow. 

Sleep without ruining your curls

You'll avoid feeling your hair on your neck and sleeping on your curls. Instead, you gather your hair in a bun on the top of your head.  Use a soft hair tie.
Use a Satin Bonnet while you sleep. You'll protect your hair ends against friction from bedding and pyjamas.  Another good idea if you prefer sleeping with your hair let out is using satin pillow cases instead of cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and leaves your hair and curls frizzier, drier and less defined. 
Two-strand twists
Instead of braids, you can also easily split your hair into two tufts/buns. Then, split these into two additional tufts and wind them around each other, from the roots to the ends. This works best on hair that has slightly tighter curls and coily curls.  
French braid
A French braid not only protects your hair against wear caused by friction when you sleep.  It also creates Body Wave curls which are easy to let out in the morning. One idea is to braid the hair into more than one braid.