Top piece

With Rapunzel’s Top Piece made of real hair, you can get maximum volume in seconds. With its natural-looking base, you can easily create the parting you want and the look you love! The thin and sleek design of the hair piece gives you a natural result that can be trimmed and styled to suit your look. Also works perfectly to cover bald spots or thinning areas. 

Top Piece – How to use: 

  1. Open all the clips. 
  2. Attach the front behind the hairline. 
  3. Adjust the base so that it lies firmly on the head, and then attach the clips at the sides. 
  4. Style as desired. 

Tip: For extra hold, backcomb the section to which the clips are attached. 

Washing the Top Piece 

Before using for the first time, shampoo the hair piece to enhance the holding effect when styling.  We recommend you wash your Top Piece only when necessary as this will prolong its quality. 

  1. Wash the hair with Rapunzel shampoo.   Avoid rubbing it. Gently squeeze out the water.
  2. Apply conditioner to the ends. Avoid using conditioner, treatment masks and suchlike close to the mesh base as these can loosen the hair. Squeeze out  the water and use  a microfibre towel  to gently  dry the hair. 
  3. Part the hair when it’s wet, preferably on a wig head.  Use heat protection when blow-drying  and avoid applying heat too close to the mesh base. 

Styling the Top Piece 

Styling your  Top  Piece  is important so that it reflects  your look.  Trim it  and create   a parting that suits you.  If you use styling tools, it’s a good idea to use heat protection.  Avoid exposing your hair to temperatures above 180°C.  Also, remember not to apply heat too close to the mesh base. The mesh may melt. Backcombing is not recommended.

Storing  the Top  Piece 

The hair is attached to a mesh base. When not in use, store the hair piece without bending the mesh base – in this way, it will be easy to use the next time. We recommend storing the hair piece on a wig head if you use it frequently or in a box if you use it only occasionally.