Clip-on set

Clip-on set is a classic hair extension made of real hair that you  click  in yourself. This  hair extension set works just as well for first-time users as for experienced users; basically those who are looking for a temporary extension  to alter their look from time to time.  

This is how

It is easy to insert the Clip-on set yourself. It may take some practice to figure out where on your head the set looks and feels optimal (everyone has different proportions), but you’ll soon become a pro! It’s a good idea to wash the hair before using it for the first time. For best results, the hair may need to be trimmed at the hairdresser’s.

How to insert into your hair:

  1. Create a horizontal parting using a tail comb and secure your hair over the parting with a hairgrip. Backcomb your hair in sections. If necessary, use hairspray on the backcombed hair.

  2. Attach the clips to your own hair by bending them until you hear a click.

  3. Repeat for the other hair pieces. If your set comprises wefts of different widths, insert the widest wefts at the widest point of your head and the narrowest wefts at the sides. The wefts should sit neatly and securely on your head.

  4. And you’re done! Style as desired and enjoy your new hair!

Longer hair, thicker hair or colour effects

Rapunzel offers 3-piece or 7-piece Clip-on sets as well as the 1-piece Easy Clip-in. If you want to add volume or create colour effects in your hair, you can choose between 1 and 3 pieces. If you want extensions, we recommend a set of 7 pieces, or a set of 7 pieces plus a set of 3 pieces if you’re after thick and really long hair.

Sleek or Classic?

We offer two different Clip-on sets: our classic Clip-on set and our Sleek Clip-on set. The difference is that the weft on the Sleek Clip-on set is made of PU, which gives a thin, soft and flexible attachment point closest to the crown. Therefore, it’s especially suitable for those with thin hair, but also for those who need two sets as the attachments take up less space. Sleek Clip-on set is available in several selected colours and consists of 3 or 7 pieces. Our classic Clip-on set is available in many different colours and lengths consisting of 1, 3 or 7 pieces, as well as curly and wavy hair consisting of 7 pieces.

Washing the  Clip-on set 

Temporary-use hair pieces that you click in and out don’t need to be washed as often as permanent  extensions. By washing your new hair less frequently, you will also reduce wear and tear, maintain its quality and extend its life. How often your Clip-on set will need washing will depend on how often you use it and the amount of styling products you apply.

How to wash your Clip-on set:

  1. Brush through your Clip-on set before washing. Make sure it’s tangle free.

  2. Hold the hair piece at the top where the clips are, and rinse with lukewarm water downwards. Apply shampoo in the same downward motion, then massage gently and rinse. Avoid rubbing the hair.

  3. Use a deep conditioning treatment and leave on for at least 10 minutes, preferably longer. Rinse.

  4. Then apply a generous amount of conditioner in the same way as the shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.

  5. Then gently squeeze out the water and leave the Clip-on set to dry naturally on a towel. Then finally, hang the hair to dry until it’s completely dry. Never brush your hair when it’s damp or wet; always when dry.

Styling the Clip-on set

Styling your Clip-on set is very important as it helps the hair extensions blend into your own hair more seamlessly. When curling, straightening or blow-drying your hair, always use heat protection to protect both your own hair and your Clip-on set. You should not expose the hair to temperatures higher than 180°C.

Your Clip-on set can be styled before or after insertion. For optimal results, you should wash your hair extensions before styling them for the first time.

You can also choose to use only several pieces of your Clip-on set when you want to add extra volume to your hairstyle.

Storing the Clip-on set

Brush through your dry Clip-on set and store it in a dark, dry place, preferably in a closed box or hair bag.If you store your hair in a box, it’s a good idea to braid or gently twist it so that it doesn’t get tangled.