Rapunzel’s most popular methods

Are you new to extensions? No worries, Rapunzel of Sweden will guide you through everything you need to know! Really useful if you want to know what type of extensions you should choose.

Clip-on set – the temporary way to voluminous, long hair!

Our best-selling Clip-on set is a classic hair extension that clicks in just five minutes. It's ideal for beginner hair extension users and seasoned pros alike. You can choose between three and seven pieces.

Tape – quick and easy, with discreet attachment

Tape-on hair extensions are a quick and easy method that result in a very natural look – no one will guess you’re wearing extensions! One of our most popular methods.

Nail Hair – for those who want longer-lasting extensions

Rapunzel Nail Hair is pre-bonded strands of hair that are attached by using a heating tool. The pre-bonded hair extensions are attached to the roots of your hair using a connector iron. They stay in place for around 12 weeks.

Hair Pieces – temporary, quick and easy

Bad hair day? We have solutions that can turn any bad hair day into a fantastic hair day in just a few minutes! Temporary, quick and easy. It couldn’t be better. A voluminous ponytail, maximum volume or a fringe for the evening? We can fix it.