Choose your quality

Rapunzel of Sweden offers two kinds of hair quality: Rapunzel Premium and Rapunzel Original. The qualities differ in characteristics, durability, and price. The real hair has been carefully chosen and the respective quality has been selected depending on the hair extension method, but both our Premium and Original hair has a good quality. You can read more about our qualities here: 


To ensure that you receive a natural-looking hair extension with a high quality, we have carefully selected the most suitable hair for every product. 

Hair extensions are a handicraft that require experience and precision in manufacturing, for that reason we work only with a few carefully selected suppliers who share our values and have signed our Code of Conduct. 

The hair that suppliers work with come from people who have chosen to sell their hair for hair extensions. The hair comes mainly from China but also from neighbouring countries in Asia. 


Rapunzel Premium is our hairdressers favorite and our top sellerThe hair is often originally brown in colorand is gently bleached to lighter shades, resulting in less damaged surface layers than many other hair extensions. The hairs as well as their cuticles are facing the same direction, so that the friction between the hairs diminishes. This makes the hair softer and less tangled. 

Rapunzel Premium lasts up to 6 months with the correct hair care, even if used daily. Therefore, we recommend this quality if you are looking for a permanent hair extension which lasts a long time. 


Rapunzel Original is the recommended quality for temporary hair extensions or short-term permanent hair extensions. The hair is originally often black or dark brown. The hair cuticles have been removed and the hairs are facing in different directions, so that the hair needs extra much moisture. 

Rapunzel Original lasts up to 5 weeks with the correct hair care if used daily. The durability of temporary hair extensions which are not used daily is longer.