Choosing a method

To find an extension method that suits just you can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! This guide will help you choose the right method easily.

Permanent or temporary extensions?

Before you choose a method, it is good to take a moment and think about what your everyday life looks like and which results you aim for. Do you want a temporary extension for an evening? Or would you like something more permanent that lasts for a longer time? Depending on your hair structure and your lifestyle, we recommend different methods and qualities.

Rapunzel of Sweden offers permanent and temporary hair extension methods.

Permanent methods:

Nail Hair, tape hair and hair wefts belong to this category. They give you a long-lasting hair extension or thickening. You can even reuse the tape hair with the help of our refill tape.

Temporary methods:

All our hair pieces and extensions including clips, for example Clip-on sets and Clip-in Ponytails, are temporary extension methods. If you like to change your hair from day to day, these products are perfect for you.

Whilst you wear Nail Hair, hair wefts and tape hair during the day and night, you only use Clip-on sets, Clip-in ponytails, and other hair pieces for special occasions, always remove them before going to bed and only wash them when necessary.

Do you do a lot of sports or do you train a lot?

Permanent: If you train a lot and prefer permanent extensions, we recommend Nail Hair. You can comfortably put up your hair in a ponytail so that you can focus on your training without thinking too much about your hair extensions. You can read more about Nail Hair here.

Temporary: We recommend primarily our temporary extension methods such as Clip-on sets and Clip-in Ponytails if you do a lot of sports, so that you can easily take the hair out before doing any sports. This way you don’t have to wash the hair as often.

Do you do a lot of updos or do you like to vary your hairstyle a lot?

Permanent: If you like to change your hairstyle a lot, then Nail Hair is the method to choose. Thanks to the small attachments, you can easily create updos or braid your hair without having to compromise. You can read more about Nail Hair here.

Temporary: Would you like a different hairstyle for a special occasion, try a fringe without cutting your own hair, or a more voluminous ponytail for the weekend? Then you should look at these categories:

Clip-on set
Hair Pieces

To create a messy bun, you can use one or two scrunchies. For a hair thickening in no time, you can wear a Sleek Hairband. If you would like to add both length and volume to create different hairstyles, you can use a Clip-on set. For example, how about some double Dutch braids or a half updo?

Do you have thin hair?

Permanent: If you have thin or fine hair, and would like a more voluminous hairstyle, tape-on hair is the method which probably suits you best. The weight of the extensions is distributed evenly on your hair, thanks to the wide attachments. We offer different tape-on methods, depending on which effect you want to achieve. If you wish for more volume on the sides or near your parting, we recommend our Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4 with hair-covered attachments. If you wish for very long hair or want to add some extra volume to the back of your head, then Premium Tape Extensions Classic 4 is what you are looking for. You can also choose to combine Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4and Premium Tape Extensions Classic 4 the same strand of hair if you place the Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4 on top of your own hair and the Premium Tape Extensions Classic 4 underneath. If you attach the Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4 to the more exposed areas on top of your head or the sides, you can achieve a result which looks natural from all angles. You can read more about the method here.

Temporary: If you are looking for a temporary hair extension, then we recommend our Sleek Clip-on Set with 7 pieces. A Sleek Hairband or a 3-piece Clip-on set can be used to make your hair look thicker, but they can sometimes also work as a hair extension if you have very fine or thin hair.

Do you have thick hair?

Permanent: If you have thick hair or a lot of hair, you can use Nail Hair and tape-on extensions, but you can also use a hair weft. A hair weft can be attached with micro rings or by sewing it onto your hair. You can find more information about it here. The thicker your hair is, the more extensions you need for the transition between your own hair and the extensions to look natural.

Temporary: You can use both our Clip-on Set and our Sleek Clip-on Set. Just like with the permanent methods, you need more hair extensions the thicker your hair is. You can for example need a 7-piece and a 3-piece Clip-on set so that your hair and the extensions blend as well as possible.

Do you like weaving?

Permanent method: For those who prefer weaving, we offer the Hair Weft. It is available in two styles: Straight for straight hair and Bouncy Curl for smaller, bouncy curls. You can read more about weaving here.

Would you like to have thicker hair?

The aim doesn’t always have to be long hair. It is very common to use hair extensions to get thicker and more voluminous hair, especially due to hair loss after a disease or after pregnancy.

Permanent: Premium Tape Extensions Seamless 4 is a permanent extension method and can be applied to chosen areas to give you naturally thicker-looking hair. The attachments are covered with hair so that they are almost invisible if you have thinner hair or if the extensions are applied to the more exposed areas on your head.

Temporary: The Sleek Hairband is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a temporary method – it’s an ultralight hairband which you attach with a thin thread, giving you a discrete thickening effect.

Important! We don’t recommend using hair extensions if you have ongoing hair loss. If you are affected by hair loss, please consult with your general practitioner or midwife first, before choosing to apply extensions.

Did you find what you were looking for or would you like some help to find the method that suits your wishes? Our experts are glad to help you!