Choosing a length


To find the length that fits just you is as individual as finding the colour of extensions that suits you. The result you are aiming for must go hand in hand with your individual starting point. A certain length can look differently from person to person, as we all have different heights and proportions. Here, we share some tips and tricks to help you choose a length, so that you can find extensions that fit you perfectly.

We have different proportions

Get inspired by the following pictures showing two models wearing different lengths of extensions. They are 1,62 m and 1,70 m. Please consider that different proportions influence where different lengths will end.

These are example pictures showing the different lengths, we recommend nevertheless to install no more than the doubled length of your own hair in hair extensions.


Not more than double the length

A rule of thumb is that your extensions should not be longer than the doubled length of your own hair. For example, if your hair is 25 cm long (measured from your parting), then your extensions should be max. 50 cm so that it is possible to create a natural transition between your hair and the extensions without putting too much weight on your own hair.

Individual starting point

The longer you are, the shorter extensions will feel and vice versa. If you are wondering where a specific length would end, we recommend taking a measuring tape, holding it next to the top of your ear and measuring 30-70 cm downwards so that you can see where the extensions would end approximately.

Start with shorter lengths

Are you trying extensions for the first time? Then we recommend trying our shorter lengths first. There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to hair extensions, and the longer the hair is, the more care it needs.

Count in a haircut or two

Usually, extensions need to be cut to blend as well as possible with your own hair (If your own hair is cut very straight, you might need to cut your own hair a bit, too, for the transition to look as well as possible). The tips of your extensions need to be cut occasionally, too. If you are considering two different lengths, it is usually better to take the longer one so that you can have it cut a couple of times. To get your extensions cut, please consult with a hairdresser.

Combine colours or methods

Do you want to combine different colours or methods? We offer some colours in 30-70 cm, but not all unfortunately. If you want to mix different kinds of tape-on hair or want to buy a 7-piece and a 3-piece clip-on set, we recommend double-checking which lengths we offer in both colours and methods.

Longer hair requires more extensions

The longer hair you want, the more extensions you need for the transition between your hair and the extensions to look as naturally as possible. If you want your hair to be longer than 50 cm, we usually recommend 8-10 packages of tape-on hair or Nail Hair, or two Clip-on Sets with seven pieces. Consider how many packages you would feel comfortable with to decide on a length.

Length guide, Model 178 cm / 5,8"

Length guide, Model 165 cm / 5,4"