Care instructions

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To take care of your hair the right way is the key to keep your hairstyle fresh and vibrant. Here, we have collected our recommendations concerning how to take care of your hair the best way, so that it lasts as long as possible.


Here, you can find our 10 principal care instructions which should always be followed to take care of your hair. We strongly recommend to even follow the advice that you find further down.

  1. Give your hair extra moisture and nutrition. Use Rapunzel of Sweden’s hair care series as your basic hair products and use moisturising styling products regularly.
  2. Styling is the key! Style your extensions for the best result.
  3. Detangle your hair and the attachments daily. Detangle your lengths at least twice a day.
  4. Braid permanently installed hair extensions before sleeping or exercising to minimise tangles and strain on your hair.
  5. Never sleep with wet hair.
  6. Avoid styling your hair with more than 180°C and always use heat protection before styling your hair with heat.
  7. Do not wash your hair too often. Wash permanently installed hair extensions max. 2-3 times a week and temporary hair extensions only when necessary.
  8. When you wash your hair, wash it with shampoo twice, always use a conditioner afterwards and rinse with lukewarm water.
  9. Always dry the attachments of permanently installed hair extensions with a hair dryer set on low heat after washing the hair.
  10. Avoid swimming and bathing with open hair, we recommend using a bathing cap.


  • We recommend Rapunzel of Sweden’s hair care products as they were specifically designed for hair extensions. The products are moisturising, gentle and contain all the nutrition that your extensions need to last as long as possible. Rapunzel’s hair care are sulphate- and paraben-free, which is especially important for extensions. You can also use the shampoos to wash our tape-on hair extensions with – other shampoos can contain a lot of oil or other ingredients which can affect the tape’s durability.
  • For a blend which looks as natural as possible, cut your extensions at the hairdresser’s.
  • Detangle your hair with the right tools, the right way.

    Straight hair: Use a detangling brush to untangle knots. We recommend using Rapunzel’s detangling brush. When you brush your hair, start at the tops and work your way up. Never brush a wet hair. For extra shine after the styling, you can additionally use a boar bristle brush. If you styled your hair using heat, let it cool down before brushing it. This way, it will keep its shape better.

    Curly hair: To keep the shape of the curls, we recommend only using a wide-tooth comb and your fingers to detangle curly hair. Comb through the hair before washing and detangle your hair daily by sliding your fingers through it.

The following applies for permanently installed hair extensions:

  • Please wait for 48 hours after installing tape-on extensions or Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair before washing your hair. Do not wait too long either as the naturally occurring oils from the scalp can influence the tape’s stickiness in a negative way.
  • Brush/comb your hair always before washing it.
  • Avoid washing your hair upside down, as this can weigh down the attachments.
  • Wash your extensions, the scalp, and the hair around the attachments thoroughly without rubbing the hair.
  • Avoid conditioner, hair treatment or similar product coming onto or in between the hair attachments. Only apply these products in the lengths.
  • Use a hair treatment once or twice a week. Apply it onto towel-dry hair after shampooing, and allow for it to work for at least 7-10 minutes. Rinse it off and finish wih a conditioner. Use a leave-in spray or hair oil regularly but avoid the attachments.
  • If necessary, have the tips cut, as even extensions can become worn.
  • Sleep with dry hair. A wet or damp hair is more sensitive than dry hair. Sleeping with wet hair can damage it.

    Straight hair: Dry the attachments with a hair dryer set on a very low temperature. Dry the rest of your hair afterwards. Always use heat protection!

    Curly hair: First, dry the attachments with a hair dryer set on a very low temperature, then let the rest air-dry if possible. If you need to dry the hair with a hair dryer, we recommend using a diffuser. Always use heat protection! Please take in mind that curly hair needs extra much moisture. Apply a leave-in spray or a softening cream before drying the hair. Avoid styling the hair with hair straighteners or similar heat styling tools, as the hair is permed and can be damaged by them.

For temporary hair extensions, the following applies:

  • Only wash your temporary hair extensions when necessary, so that they last as long as possible. Use a hair treatment during every wash and always finish with a conditioner.
  • Brush/comb through the hair before washing it. Wash the extensions in the sink and avoid rubbing motions.
  • Let the hair air-dry after washing it. Always use heat protection before styling it with heat (please observe that we do not recommend styling curly or wavy hair extensions with heat).

If you have extensions made of synthetic hair, the following applies:


For a long life, wash temporary extensions only when necessary. Use Rapunzel of Sweden’s shampoo and conditioner, which is adapted for extensions.
  1. Detangle the hair with the Extension Brush before washing. Start with the ends and work your way up.
  2. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then apply shampoo from root to tip. Avoiding rubbing. Rinse thoroughly and repeat with shampoo a second time.
  3. Apply conditioner to the lengths and rinse thoroughly.
  4. Allow the hair to dry naturally, preferably on a Hair Hanger.
  5. Detangle the hair when dry.

Please keep in mind:

  • Always remove your temporary extensions before sleeping, exercising or bathing.
  • Store temporary extensions in a dry, dark place, preferably hung on a Hair Hanger. Detangle hair before storage.
  • Always use heat protection when styling with heating tools and style at maximum 150°C. Temporary extensions can be styled before insertion.
  • DO NOT use hair colour, colour bomb, toning, tinting, colour mask, henna, silver shampoo, bleach or similar on temporary extensions.
  • Avoid contact with sunscreen and similar products that may discolour the hair. Protect the hair from the sun.
  • Hair extensions are not recommended when taking certain medications and during certain diseases. Consult your doctor if you are not sure. Find out about any allergies before using extensions.

Always follow our recommendations for products, care, attachment, and removal. Please have a look at our tutorials for more information.


Care of curly hair

1. Comb through your hair

Comb through your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. To reduce the risk of wear and tear, avoid brushes and detangling brushes, and detangle your hair when it's wet or well moisturised. Use hair oil when detangling your hair with your fingers. Always start by detangling the ends first and then work your way up towards the roots.

2. Washing

Wash the hair approx. twice a week or as needed. Washing your hair more often can dry out your curls and increase the risk of split hair. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that does not contain sulphates. Never rub in shampoo and conditioner as this will damage the hair. Instead, gently massage shampoo into the scalp and apply conditioner to the lengths.

Cleanse your scalp thoroughly at every wash. Dry and frizzy curls are often caused by styling products and dirt remaining on the scalp.

3. Drying your hair

Dry your hair with a bamboo towel. Gently squeeze out the water. Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel as this may cause frizz. Allow the hair to dry naturally, or blow dry on low heat. Always use heat protection during heat treatment.

4. Moisturise hair

Treat your hair with a moisturising hair mask every two weeks. Leave in for 15–20 minutes before rinsing. Spray your hair daily with Moisture & Protection spray, which both moisturises the hair and protects it against heat and UV rays. If your hair feels extra dry, massage hair oil into the lengths.

5. Sleeping with curly hair

Always sleep with dry hair. Braid your hair or tie it up in a high ponytail with a bamboo scrunchie and sleep on a bamboo pillowcase. Bamboo absorbs moisture and reduces hair wear.

6. Use the right styling products

Avoid styling products such as hairspray and mousse, especially on curly hair extensions. With regular use, hair can become sticky, stiff and fluffy. Instead, use products specially adapted for curly hair, such as leave-in conditioner.

7. Avoid heat treatment

Use as few heat tools as possible as the hair will be damaged during heat treatment. If you need to use heat tools, always keep the temperature low, max 180°C and use heat protection.

8. Separate the curl sections

Curly hairs naturally gather together in sections/loops.. Spend ten minutes a day separating these sections from each other. It’s easy to do with your fingers. By carefully separating the sections, loose hairs and hairs that have fallen out will be removed. Loose hairs can give the hair a matte effect. Without them, the hair has a healthy shine.


Washing curly hair

  1. Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb before washing. Start with the ends and work your way up.
  2. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then apply shampoo from root to tip. Avoiding rubbing. Massage your scalp with fingers or a Scalp Brush for one minute. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo again.
  3. Towel dry your hair with Rapunzel’s Turban Hair Towel and then apply hair mask to the lengths, avoiding the attachments. Leave in for at least 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Apply conditioner to the lengths, avoiding the attachments and the scalp. Detangle your hair with your fingers. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Style your hair when it's wet. Use hair oil and/or Moisture & Protection Spray to define curls and create a frizz-free result. Squeeze/shape the curls with your hands.
  6. Let the hair dry naturally or blow dry on low heat with heat protection.
  7. Finish with hair oil for rehydration and a shiny result.