Working out with extensions

At the gym: Do you often have stands of hair that stick to your forehead? Or hairbands that are loose and slip out all the time so that you are forever having to re tie your hair up again?  If so keep calm, we have a solution!  Here are 5 easy hair styles that make your exercising so much more fun.  Of course they work just as well with extensions.

In a bind

In order to avoid tangles, dirt and wear and tear from hair flying about all over the place the simplest and most effective trick is to put your hair up.  Braid it or use small elastic bands as in the diagram.  
  1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail.
  2. Use small transparent hairbands and attach them all the way along your ponytail.

Inverted french braids

Sport sometimes requires floor work.  Hair buns can sometimes get in the way so try two french braids instead – simple, easy and exercise-friendly.  

The braid mix

The french braid or inverted french braid are both simple, beautiful and comfortable.  They also manage to tie in all the loose ends which surround the face.
  1. Braid the hair on the sides. 
  2. Tie the hair tightly in a big bun then fasten just where you want it.  

With a twist

A variation on the classic ponytail, make it loose or really tight.  If you want, you can even braid the hair from the ponytail once you have put it up.  
  1. Put up your hair in a low ponytail.  Push your fingers in through the hair between your head and the hairband to make a hole.  Carefully pull the hairband and the tail hair through the hole. 
  2. Split the hair into two sections, pull them apart and pull them up through the hairband. 

Mini braids

Tight inverted french braids are not only fashionable, they are also extremely functional when doing sports.