Volume Hairband

hero volume hairband

Did someone say va-va-volume? Introducing the ultimate game changer for hair that's anything but basic: the Volume Hairband.

This is your new go-to accessory that's always ready to boost your look to new heights for any occasion. From casual city outings to special summer events – no matter your plans, be confident that a glamorous, compliment-heavy look awaits every day.

It's time. Are you ready to turn up the volume?



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"Our goal was to create a product that delivers both volume and ease of attachment. The Volume Hairband accomplishes just that, offering users a quick and hassle-free way to achieve the perfect hairstyle."

— Anna Hedlund, Senior Buyer at Rapunzel of Sweden


How to attach hairband extensions

A step-by-step guidance

Minimal effort, maximum impact. Achieving fuller, longer hair has never been easier. But just in case you need some help attaching the hairband, we're here to guide you through every step of the way. Set your timer for 30 seconds, and let's get started:

1. Create a horizontal parting using a pintail comb and secure the upper hair with a clip.
2. Backcomb the hair closest to the parting and apply hairspray for extra hold.
3. Place the hairband along the parting, with the wire on top of the head.
4. Attach the clips to the backcombed hair, then release the upper hair.

Here's a bonus step if you're feeling it:
5. Share your look and tag us at @rapunzelofsweden!



Sleek or Volume?

Sleek vs volume landning flöde NY

Sleek Hairband

• 75 grams of hair
•  50 cm
•  For those with thin and medium–thick hair
•  Attachment made of PU for a sleek result

Volume Hairband

• 150 grams of hair
•  50 cm
•  For those with medium–thick hair
•  Attachment made of wefts and net base