This season's trend is as colourful as the rainbow and can be seen everywhere. We are of course talking about the Unicorn Hair and Rainbow effects. Extensions allow you to create this colourful look without having to dye your hair, we show you how!

How to use it:

  1. Purchase extensions in 3-5 colours (one pack of each is sufficient).
  2. Part the hair and attach the extensions, mixing the colours. (If you use tape then you can choose different colours on the top and bottom for best effect).
  3. Done! 

Get the look with Rapunzel Color Masks

Give your hair a real boost with Rapunzel Color Masks! Depending on what colour you have to start with and how long you leave the mask to work you can both intensify and maintain your hair colour. At the same time the nutritious ingredients of the mask give your hair masses of shine. The colour mask gradually rinses out after a few washes.
If you want to get the ombre look or get a specific shade then you can mix two or more colours.