The Styling Guide


Get even more tips for your hair care routine with our Styling Guide. Here we share some tricks and show you how to make sure your hair stays healthy and vibrant.


Turn washing your hair into a blissful at-home spa ritual to give yourself and your hair a mood boost.


Rapunzel Hydrate & Care shampoo does more than clean the hair - it also contains ingredients that hydrate and nourish

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Your hair is constantly exposed to stressors from the environment and styling products. A deep cleansing shampoo gets rid of residues that regular shampoo can't remove. Deep cleaning is useful but shouldn't be done every time you wash. We recommend about twice a month. 

Treatment mask

After deep cleansing, or when you feel your hair needs a real moisture boost, go with a hair mask.  Rapunzel Treatment contains shea butter and argan oil to add extra shine, moisture and nourishment (especially important for extensions) Apply Treatment mask after shampooing with regular or deep cleansing shampoo and let sit for 3-10 min. Then rinse and finish with conditioner.


You may already know that conditioner has detangling properties. It makes the hair soft, and adds moisture. What conditioner also does is lock in the nourishing ingredients from the shampoo and treatment mask. Shampoo and conditioner: a match made in hair heaven.