SS18 Hair Colours


Au naturel meets 90's Nirvana blond, copper and brown tones - cinnamon, chocolate and caramel. We list Spring's colour mix and are super excited! Check them out!

Nirvana Blonde

Imagine a modern take on Curt Cobains dirty blond crop and you know what we mean. Overgrown blond page-boy cut with ash and gold tones and depth at the roots. 


Honey Rose

Almost, but not quite ginger. Pink undertones freshen up blond winter hair for the new season.



Even the most glossy dark ebony tones become a little flat without variation. This spring we bring dark hair to life with chestnut highlights. 


Hot Cocoa

Give your mahogany hair new life this spring with chocolate and caramel highlights


Neutral Nude

Season after season cold blond tones come back. This spring we also see a more sandy tones.


Test the trend:

With Rapunzel Color Mask there's a ton of shades to choose from! Your results will vary depending on your starting shade and how long you choose to leave it in. Tip! Get a custom hue by mixing colors.