Q&A with Chad Wood


Hair stylist Chad Wood is a shining star in Hollywood. He is represented by the renowned stylist agency The Wall Group and has been creating hair magic for the last eight years. His client list includes a-list celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Mila Kunis. It's from them, his clientele, he was inspired to create The Chad Wood Collection. A collection of extensions in three colors created in collaboration with Rapunzel of Sweden. Here he tells us more about the collection and why he chooses Rapunzel. He also talks about life as a stylist, shares his hair hacks and gives extensions advice to all of us. Enjoy!

When did you first hear about Rapunzel of Sweden?  
I first heard about Rapunzel from a close friend and stylist.  
Why did you choose to work with Rapunzel?
I chose to work with Rapunzel because they have been a constant supporter of my work.
What do you like best about Rapunzel’s hair extensions?
I would say that I love how many colors they offer.
Do you have any hacks when using and styling hair extensions?
One of the hacks when using and styling hair extensions is I always keep them braided in my kit. That way they stay smooth and it also gives them body.

Chad Wood

Occupation: Hairstylist
Works in:  Hollywood
Clients include:  Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis
Photo: www.instagram.com/chadwoodhair

"I love how many colors Rapunzel offer."

How are extensions an important part of your work kit?
Extensions are a vital part of my kit, I feel it is important to be able to have all options available to my clients and I want to make sure that I have every color and length and Rapunzel has always helped with that.
Tell us about a fun or unexpected event from your career
Something I always thought was super fun in my career in was going to Rotterdam and doing the EMA's. It was my first live show and I was doing the host who had about 13 wardrobe and look changes.
Where do you go for inspiration and to keep up to date on current trends?
I never look forward for my inspiration I always gather all of my inspiration from books that I have collected over the years that inspire me. Some of them are Helmut Newton, Avedon and Herb Ritts.
What are your tips to succeed as a hair stylist?
My number one tip would be to always say yes to opportunities, whether they are

"I think a major hair trend that will happen is really embracing your natural texture and stop trying to smooth and treat it into something it’s not."

As an aspiring hairstylist, what advice would you have given a younger self?
The advice I would give my younger self is to start photographing everything that I did. Even if you think it isn't impressive someone else might.
You work with a lot of celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, and Ashley Benson. How did you manage to get celebrities as clients?
I managed to get my clientele because I worked hard and put myself out there and people responded to that and really kinda found me.
What hair trends are the most popular at the moment?
The trends that I see very much at the moment are braids – both sleek ones but also detailed braids.  Beautiful, effortless hair and less “rock star grunge”.  More romantic casual.
What’s your signature look?
My signature look would have to be texture waves.
How do you do them?
To get the look is to use a 1/2 inch barrel and wrap the hair around each one inch section of hair alternating back and forth. Then brush out with fingers and use Ouai wave spray.
Do you have any hidden talents?
I also do interior design when I am not doing hair, it's always been a passion of mine.
Who is your biggest role model?
I can't really say that I have any one specific role model, I really am inspired by different people and things every day. 
Tell us about one of your best career moments! 
My best career moment was my first cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.
What do you see as the next major hair trends in 2018/19?
I think a major hair trend that will happen is really embracing your natural texture and stop trying to smooth and treat it into something it’s not.

The Chad Wood Collection

Where did you find inspiration for the new collection?
I found my inspiration from my clientele.
Why did you choose these three colors?
I love these colors because I really feel that they are a blend of cool and classic colors that can either bump up your look or just blend nicely into your hair.
Do you have any tips on how to find the right color?
To find your right color I would go out into natural daylight and hold up swatches to the ends and mid shaft of your hair. That way the extensions will be a little brighter on the ends and give a fresh look to your hair and the color.