This is how easy it is to attach and style your Clip-in Ponytail


The Swedish influencer and show host Antonia Johnson (@anty) shows us how easy it is to attach the Rapunzel Clip-in Ponytail. Three different looks, flawless every time! See the impressive results here.

It’s the first time Antonia tests a Clip-on Ponytail, but she creates three hairstyles that are quick, easy and really stylish. They work well for both beginners and experts.

1. Beach Wave

A long and wavy ponytail created with Rapunzel Clip-in Ponytail in O1.2/2.0 Black Brown Ombre 50 cm.

2. Classy low

A low ponytail with a centre parting created with Clip-in Ponytail 1.0 Black 40 cm. When you want to feel like a celebrity or a real power woman!

3. Sleek’n’high

The classic high ponytail! It’s always a winner and we love Anty’s result.
Quick and easy!