New years resolutions for your hair


One good hair day isn’t enough – Get set for a whole year of good hair in 2020! Here are some New Year's resolutions to make it much easier. 

1. Use protection
We know it's easy to forget to use heat protection. It’s an added expense and it feels like it takes time. But spend the 30 seconds before styling your hair. Every time.

2. Mask it good
A hair mask makes a big difference! Who doesn’t want soft, shiny strands? Promise yourself you’ll do it once a week! It will be worth it.

3. Braid it
If your hair easily becomes tangled, the braid comes to the rescue! Sleep in it, work out with it and wear it when your clothes come in contact with your hair (like when you wear a scarf)

4. Cut, cut, cut
Beat the split ends by getting regular haircuts. And while you're at it, why not try something new? Bangs, a new style or rock that bold color you’ve always wanted to try.

Get going!