Longer Lasting Tape Extensions


1. Start with clean and dry hair

Wash your hair with deep cleansing shampoo before attaching tape extensions. Do not apply conditioner and ensure that your hair is completely dry.

2. The perfect amount of hair

In order to get the tape to hold you need to have just the right amount of hair between the two tapes. Too much and the tape doesn't have contact with the other tape and harden, too little and the weight is too great on the hair that is holding the tape. What is perfect? A guide is that you should be able to see the tape after attaching the first piece.  

3. Don't touch the sticky side!

Just as simple as it sounds. When you have taken the protective layer off avoid touching the sticky side of the tape.

4. Press, press, press

Press the two sections tightly together in order to eliminate all the small air bubbles between. If you want you can even use pliers to press more firmly.