Kenza interview: Quick beauty tips and new life as mum


Kenza Zouiten Subosic talks about her new life as a mum, what she does to freshen up in a flash, and the 2019 hair trend she's hooked on.

Is there anything you indulged in before that you no longer can?
Sleep. And perhaps a massage or facial. Otherwise, I think I'm able to fit everything in.

What's your tip for freshening up in a flash?
Sunless tanning and dry shampoo, especially now as the mum of a three-month-old baby when makeup and styling is not really top priority. A decent fake tan and a good hair day with lovely, luscious locks can do so much for the overall impression, which means I can focus on other things.


How do you style your hair?
Loose curls have probably become a part of my signature look, which I usually style with the help of a medium-thick curling tong, but I also love that simple low bun. Thanks to the bun (I twist the hair as I turn it around the bun), I'm left with semi-curly hair when I let it down. Some dry shampoo, texture spray and hair oil, and I'm good to go!

What hair trend are you hoping for this year?
Diadems and headbands! Obviously!


What's your experience with extensions?
I've tried lots of different hair extensions in recent years to fill out my hair and make it thicker. It all started five years ago when I went for a bob... and regretted it two weeks later. Extensions saved the day!

Looking back, how would you describe your hair journey?
Other than a mohawk at the age of 13 and the bob mistake, my hair has looked pretty much the same. I love my natural hair colour combined with lighter highlights!


What's it like to be a mum for the first time?
Great. Really great. It's not really possible to pinpoint, but it's the most exciting, scary and wonderful experience ever!

What's your biggest fear as a mum?
That I can't protect my child from all the evil in the world.

Did you experience any hair loss after pregnancy?
Not yet, but I know that many women lose hair after pregnancy and when breastfeeding – all those hormonal changes – so I'm fully prepared for it.