"I was missing a product which offered that little extra…"

In autumn 2019, we teamed up with influencer and entrepreneur Kenza Zouiten Subosic for the launch of Rapunzel Hairband Original.  What we didn't know then was that it would become the launchpad for Sleek Hairband by Kenza – a brand new product with which Kenza has been involved from beginning to end, both in terms of development and design.

Hi Kenza! You were involved in developing Sleek Hairband. What did you want to achieve with this product?

I felt that I was missing a product which offered that little extra for my hair. I have long hair, but it's not really thick and especially not after pregnancy and breastfeeding (unfortunately, hair loss can be the price of motherhood!) A product that in no time adds thickness but without making your hair look overly touched up.

Many people are wondering what the difference is between Sleek Hairband and Hairband Original.

I love Hairband Original and use it a lot. Especially for special occasions and photo shoots. Hairband Original is also perfect if you want longer hair quickly, for a special evening. For people like me who prefer the natural look, Sleek Hairband is also ideal for everyday wear. It adds that extra volume to long hair – something that I know many of us are after! The Sleek Hairband is also just that much easier to attach, it feels lighter and gives an even more natural result.

What was the greatest challenge during the development of the product?

To create a product that's different to Hairband Original, but without it being too thin. I didn't want Sleek and Original to compete with each other, so it was important that each would fulfil its own function. I'm very pleased with the results and truly believe we've succeeded!

How do you style your Hairband?

I curl it! Hairband is great because the curls last a long time, meaning that it's ready for the next use and saves time.

Who is Sleek Hairband suitable for?

For all of us who unfortunately were not born with thick hair, or for those who have lost hair, in connection with childbirth for example, but who still want natural-looking hair. The best thing about Sleek Hairband is that it doesn't damage your own hair!  You can choose whether or not to use clips, or, if you only use the fishing line, there's no attachment so it's gentler on the hair. I rarely use the clips!

You've overslept and need to be out the door in 15 minutes – what do you do to get your hair looking great?

First, I spray on some dry shampoo with my head upside down and than ruffle the hair closest to the scalp. I then curl some of my hair in a flash. That's the good thing about thin hair – it's easy to work with. Haha! Then I put in the Sleek Hairband which is still quite curly from before. And finally, I smooth in some hair oil to the ends.

Do you have any hair dos and don'ts?

Yes, I wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week and do a deep conditioning treatment once a week. And I almost always let my hair air dry. I style it almost exclusively for more special occasions and allow it to rest in between. I always use heat protection when blow-drying/styling with heat. I brush my hair every morning and evening, but never when it's wet.

Lastly, do you have any tips on how to save a bad hair day?

I accept my bad hair days and tie my hair back in a bun at the neck. It always does the trick and looks classy!