Do you struggle with curls that just don’t last? No worries. Rapunzel has tips that really work.

Before we start – don’t forget to use heat protection. It may seem like an unnecessary product, but that’s not true. Make it your best friend. Heat protection coats the hair strand and protects your hair from heat.

1. Avoid the shower
Freshly washed hair is harder to curl; it’s extra glossy and difficult to shape. if you go a day or two then you can take advantage of your hair’s natural oils! They will provide hair with more stability.

2. Hold your curls
When you’ve curled a section of hair, hold it in the palm of your hand for a moment until it cools. Then release carefully. The curl will have even more time to develop its shape without needing to stay on a hot curling iron.

3. Section your hair
Don’t try to curl too much hair at once. It may take a little longer, but it will help your curls last. The smaller your curls, the longer your look will stay in place.

4. Let your curls cool 
All we want when we’re finished curling is to brush out the curls quickly to see the finished results. They’re still warm and therefore still malleable. If you want curls that last, then you need to let them cool before you get out that brush. A good routine when getting ready is to start by curling your hair and then put on your makeup. When you’re done with your makeup, you can brush out your curls.

Hair that just keeps resisting
If none of the methods above work on your hair, there are more options. When you’ve curled a section, you can secure it with a clip or hairpin. Leave for at least 30 minutes.
And big curls are incredibly beautiful – but it’s much harder to get them to keep their shape. Try downsizing your curling iron if you feel like your curls fall out easily, no matter what you do.

Get going!