Holiday hair care


December is one of the most eventful months of the year. With a jam-packed social calendar, don't let hair stress get the best of you.  Here are some simple but pretty looks that work just as well under the mistletoe as at the company party. Hope you find something you like! Enjoy!

The Pony Bow

Raid the ribbon drawer for this look! Here we used our Clip-in Ponytail with a sleek black satin ribbon. Also perfect for braids.

Polished X-mas Waves

Get the look with a Big Size curling iron. Here we used the largest tool in our range: the 38 mm. And of course, don’t forget the heat protection.

Holiday Hair Bow

  1. Put the front section of your hair in a pony, but don't pull the hair all the way through. Instead, let half of it remain in a loop
  2. Divide the loop into two sections, and pin them on the sides with hairpins - these become the edges of the bow. 
  3. Take the lower part of the pony, place it over the hair tie, then pull it behind the hair tie. 
  4. And you're done!