High-Volume Pony


The ponytail is a super versatile classic updo. Check out our tutorial and see how to easily create a high-volume pony with a Clip-on set.

We used:

Clear rubber bands for attachment.
2 x Clip-on 3 pieces in color #14.
Volume powder for extra hold.
Salt spray for texture.

Extra volume ponytail
  1. Put the hair in a ponytail at the crown, leaving out the hair around the crown.
  2. Attach four pieces above, and two pieces below the ponytail.
  3. Now create a larger ponytail, including all the clip-on pieces.                                


How do I put in my extensions so that the attachments aren't visible?

Place them all the way at the back of your head close where you want the ponytail. Make sure you have a lot of hair left in front of your clip-on so you can use it to hide the attachments.  

How do I hide the extensions

Once you have put your hair in a ponytail, take a generous section of hair from the lower part and wrap it around. Attach the hair with a bobbypin under the ponytail.