Hairstyles you have to try on Valentine's Day


Complete your look with a stylish (but simple!) hairstyle. We list hairstyles you won’t be able to resist for Valentine's Day.

Can’t get enough

A hair accessory can do so much for your overall look. Straighten it, curl it or leave it as it is and add an elegant statement clasp. The pearl trend will continue into 2020, but we'll see more varieties.

Messy ponytail

It doesn't get any easier and more attractive than a carefree ponytail. Works just as well with jeans and a flannel shirt as with a party dress. Add red lipstick to complete the look.

P.S. Want a more voluminous ponytail? Try our Clip-in Ponytail!

Soft curls

A romantic classic that's perfect for both a girls' night out and a date. Use larger curling tongs (we recommend 25 mm or 38 mm, depending on the length of your hair) and a light hairspray.

Flower power

It's always the season for flowers in your hair! Choose a pretty hair slide, or attach the flowers to your ponytail, braid or hairdo.

Beach waves

Ocean air and salty hair? Don't wait for the summer! Fake it 'til you make it with our Beachwaver S1, which makes it easier than ever to achieve those beach-perfect waves. Finish off with salt spray for more texture and a messier look.