Rapunzel’s hair oils contain nourishing ingredients that make your hair soft and shiny without weighing it down. They also dampen frizz and smell absolutely wonderful. 

Best of all? You decide yourself when to apply it as it works just as well in damp hair as in dry. Of course, it’s perfect for your extensions too. 

Why Hair Oil?

You can use oil as a styling product to combat frizz and give your hair extra shine and also as a caring treatment. A tip if you have dry hair is to rub the lengths of your hair with oil in the evening, then wash your hair in the morning. Do not apply oil on any extension bonds. 


The oil can be applied in both dry and wet hair. It is also perfect to have in your handbag during the day, apply a little oil on dry lengths and quickly give your dry hair shine and new life.


Use just the right amount.  2-3 drops/pumps are usually enough. A good tip is to use a little oil on towel-dried hair, and a little bit more when hair is dry. Use your fingers and apply the oil from below and out to the tips.