Step by step - French braids

French braids are hotter than ever. In our video, we show you how to easily achieve maximum volume and the perfect braids using a Clip-on set.

We  used:

Clear rubber bands for attachment.
2 x clip-on 3 pieces in color #14.
Volume powder for extra hold.
Salt spray for texture. 

Two French braids: 

  1. Make a middle part and tie one half of the hair away.
  2. Divide the remaining section in the middle anda lift up the upper part.
  3. Attach the Clip-on pieces parallel to the part.
  4. Make one braid facing outward. Repeat on the other side.  

Braiding tips

  • Create a clear middle part that goes from the forehead all the way down to the neck.
  • To make it easier for you to concentrate on one braid at a time, clamp the hair on the other side of the head with a hair clamp. 
  • When adding new hair to the braid, take some hair from both sides of the braid. 


How do I make sure the braids aren't  too loose? 

 Use enough tension when braiding. When you have finished braiding, you can then pull the braids slightly to make them a little messy. Start from the top and work down.

How do I make sure that my extensions aren't be visible?

Remember to attach your clip-on so that its attachment ends just underneath the finished braid.  

What is the advantage of using Clip-on for braiding? 

With a Clip-on set, you can add more hair to the braid, which makes the braid fuller and gives more volume. If you have short hair, using longer extensions also makes you have a longer braid.