Step by step - flat iron curls


Many people find it hard to get good texture and really nice curls using a flat iron. So we snagged some secret tricks from expert stylists for perfect results. This guide is also great for those who want super straight hair. Let’s get to it!

Flat Iron Curls 101


Always use a good heat styling product. Rapunzel Heat Protection is perfect for 2nd day restyling.  

  1. Use heat protection and distribute it evenly throughout the hair.
  2. Then divide hair into sections. Leave a few strands at the back of the neck.
  3. Use Rapunzel's ceramic flat iron for hair extensions. It allows you to adjust the heat yourself, thus avoiding damaging your hair. Start on low heat and increase as needed. Take a 2-3 cm wide section. You should preferably comb through the section before using the flat iron.
  4. Angle the flat plate inwards, place your hair on the edge of the plate (90 degrees towards you) and pull it outwards. Watch the video for more instructions. 
  5. (For straightening: angle the plate slightly inwards and pull it gently through the hair section.) The more careful you are, the better the result will be.
  6. Repeat the process section by section. Work through the hair, with the top layer last.
  7. Use Rapunzel Hair Oil for shine and set with hairspray.

Expert stylist answers:

Do you have any tips for using a flat iron? 

- Always use a protective heat-styling product in the hair. This will protect your hair from being affected and damaged by the heat. Before using a flat iron, your hair should be free of styling products like hairspray and hair gel. Otherwise these may melt and burn on the tool. Ask your stylist what products work best. Also use a ceramic flat iron. It is less damaging on the hair. 

Why do I need dry hair when I flat iron? 

- If you pull on a damp hair, you may notice that it can extend much longer than a dry one. Elasticity increases but that does not mean that the hair is stronger. On the contrary, dry hair is stronger than wet, and damp hair is damaged much more by the heat than dry hair.

I often flat iron my hair. What’s the best way to care for it? 

- Heat damages your hair. Use conditioner and hair masks to care for your hair and give it moisture. Rapunzel's hair care series contains ingredients that do just that, and the products smell great too! 

My hair doesn’t look good, what am I doing wrong?

 – Practice makes perfect. Remember to not use too much hair in each section, and take one section at a time. Start at the back of your neck. Start with low heat and gradually increase as needed. This will help avoid damaging your hair. Being careful will give better results – and you’ll actually be done faster.
Good luck!