The classic braid can be endlessly varied: fishtail, ring braids, headband braids … We'll show you 5 different styles you can do at home!

Bohemian Headband

  1. Take a small section of hair from one side.  Make sure that it isn’t too close to your ear or to your parting.  
  2. Braid the section and fasten with a hairband. 
  3. Pull on the sides of the braid to loosen a little.
  4. Do a centre parting then pull the braid across the front of your forehead and attach firmly on the other side of your head. 
Spray your hair with Salt Spray before braiding it for additional texture.  

Classy Fishtail

  1. Put up your hair in a low ponytail and tie with a small elastic band.  Split the ponytail into two tails. Take a very small section from the outside of the right tail.  
  2. Place the small hair section over the right tail and put it in with the hair in the left tail just where the two sections meet.
  3. Now take another small section of hair from the left tail and do the same thing as before but put it in the right tail.  
  4. Repeat this procedure until you have braided the whole ponytail.  Tie with a rubber band and pull the sides of the braid to loosen.  Cut off the upper elastic band.  


Use a volume iron to give the hair more structure and volume before braiding it. 

Multiple Braids

  1. Do a centre parting and take a small section of hair close to your parting.  Do a braid and tie with a hair band.
  2. Do a second braid below the first one and repeat the procedure on the other side of the parting.  
  3. Now take one of the braids around the back of your head and fasten in place with a hair pin. Take one of the braids from the other side and do the same thing
  4. Repeat the procedure with the other two braids.  Gently pull up the hair at your crown a little in order to give the hairstyle more volume.

Modern Vintage

  1. Bend over and do a French braid starting from the base of your head.  Keep going all the way to your forehead and from there do a normal braid.  
  2. Tie with a hair band, pull apart a little if you want it looser.  
  3. Push in the braid under the hair nearest your forehead. 
  4. Attach braid with bobby pins.
Use Leave-in Cream as a base and to make the hair easier to work with when you braid it.  Apply to dry or damp hair.   

Braided Chignon

  1. Create a centre parting with zig-zag pattern at the back of your head.  Do two loose braids and tie with hair bands.   
  2. Pull on the sides of the braids a little to loosen. Lift the braids back towards the head. 
  3. Braid them loosely together into an irregular bun. 
  4. Hold the bun in place and secure it with bobby pins.
Extensions make give your hair and even your hairstyle more volume.  With a 3-piece Clip-on set you can create interesting effects which you can use as a contrast colour in your braid.