Event Styles


Summer is approaching and so are warm nights, parties, hanging in the park, weddings and all the other exciting events of the season. Here we show you how to master the formal updo at home with the help of hair extensions.

Longer lengths

Loose hair with bohemian curls are part of summer. Another classic, seen not only on the red carpet, are the slightly more glamorous Hollywood curls. Extensions simply give you length and thickness.
Tip! For an Indie look, complete your style with small, thin braids. 
Hair Hack! If you use a curling iron.  Change the hand you hold the curling iron in depending on which side of hair you curl. The curls will then fall in the same direction and away from your face. 

The half updo

Half-updos are going to be very popular this spring and summer.  A safe bet is always the messy small top knot or why not intertwine your hair and tie with hairband.  Equally suited for going to the prom as to a day on the beach.

The Classic

A true classic is a volume updo with a captial V!  Here you can play with the possibilities and experiment to find the best result.  For added texture and volume use a volume iron at the roots. More is more, less is a bore.
Hair hack! For extra hold, turn a hairpin upside down and apply the wavy side the ”wrong” way.  It really works!


Perfect for those of you wanting to put your hair up in a simple style in no time at all. Use it just as it is or wind all the hair around the attachment and set in place with hair pins.

Worried about your bonds showing? No need!

Here are some tips on how to hide your bonds when putting your hair up:
Clip-on: With our Clip-on & off method you can attach the 7 sections where you wish.  The most important thing is to make sure that you pick the right extension colour to match your own hair so that they blend in well.  Another tip is to spray the clips and the backcombed section before attaching in order to get the clip to stay firmly in place.  With an updo you can also attach the sections upside-down e.g. at the nape or sides. 
Nail Hair: Nail Hair is a method which lasts the longest of all extension methods, up to 12 weeks, with very flexible and small nail bonds.   When hairdressers create an updo with nail hair they move the application point a short distance further than normal from the scalp. This you can do yourself at home too. 
Tejp: The tape method lasts for between 6-8 weeks and can be easily re-applied. When using tape hair in your updo it’s a good idea to plan how and where to attach your tape sections.  Avoid your tape showing by placing the attachments a short distance away from your scalp. If you angle the attachments then you can hide them in your updo.