Curly Collection

Explore our Curly Collection – a curated selection of hair extensions tailored to accentuate
your natural curls with ease, whether you seek added volume or length.

Crafted with precision, this collection includes a range of curl patterns, from soft waves to defined spirals, empowering you to express your style confidently. Each extension is meticulously designed to blend smoothly with your hair, providing a flawless finish that feels and looks natural.

Discover various textures, colours, and lengths below – whether you're considering
a long-term hair transformation or a temporary style change.












"In my profession, it's important to be able to handle all hair types, and my heart beats a little extra for textured hair. I'm therefore thrilled that Rapunzel of Sweden now has even more curl types, so I can always match the models' natural texture with the right extensions."

— Caroline Ljusterdal, freelancing hairstylist