Enviable relaxed waves that feel oh-so-natural. Yes, you've most likely seen them ...and with our tutorial they can be yours. All you need is a hair straightener. Here we go!

We used:


It's super easy:

  1. Use a heat protection product to safeguard your strands. Use Leave-in Cream for texture. Divide your hair into sections and leave the two sections closest to your face for last.
  2. Use a straightener. Start about 3 cm from your hair's roots. Carefully bend your straightener inward, about 5 cm down the strand. Then reverse your grip, pick up where you left off, this time bending the straightener outwards. 
  3. Repeat for the entire strand, leaving the ends straight for a natural look. Go through the rest of your hair strand by strand in the same way.
  4. Apply hair oil for more sheen. Use a product with more hold as needed. Finish off with hairspray.