It all started in the dark forests of Northern Sweden and ended up with a hair extension empire. This winter we’re going back to our roots.

It all began with a bowl cut. On a normal evening in a normal house in a normal town in the dark forests of Northern Sweden back in the 1990s. Young Ida Backlund wants to snip off her golden strands to get the style that’s making waves in the halls of her grade school. She wants the bowl cut she keeps seeing on her classmates – so she grabs the scissors and goes for it. As soon as the locks hit the floor, Ida's journey to get them back begins.
She may have snagged the trendy look she wanted, but the regret is real. Her hair grows back, but oh-so-slowly. And it just won’t seem to grow past her shoulders. She tries everything. From here she had a clear vision that what she wanted and needed was a hair extension. And a company idea was born. The dream of Rapunzel of Sweden became a plan and the plan became reality.
We will always be proud of our origins. A young woman with drive who has brought happiness to countless other women’s lives over the years.
"I'm proud of what we've created, of giving women all over the world the opportunity to get the hair they've dreamed about."
-Ida Backlund, founder, Rapunzel of Sweden.
Almost twelve years later, we continue to help women all over the globe turn their hair dreams into reality with different varieties and methods and an expanded selection. No matter who you are or what style you're dreaming of, Rapunzel wants to help you grow. From bowl-cut short to long locks that are the envy of any red carpet stylist.
We will always be proud of our origins. In December we’ll be going back to our roots, with inspiration from the dark forests of Northern Sweden, a beautiful winter wonderland, and women with drive.
Join us on our adventures!