We recognised a need to develop high-quality extensions that do not contain silicone or other coatings. Professional hairdressers should be able to be creative and treat extensions in the same way as they would a customer’s own hair. Our professional Artist product line allows hairdressers to create beautiful hairstyles by adding length, volume and colour exactly as desired – all for a long-lasting, quality result. You also have the opportunity to be as creative as you want – you can dye the hair in the same shade as you dye your customer's own hair. 

Artist has been developed in such a way as to allow maximum freedom for creativity, so that you, as the hairdresser, can create your customer's dream hair. The hair is coloured with professional hair colour to resemble the customer’s own hair as closely as possible. The hair in Artist should therefore be treated as naturally dark hair that has been lightened and coloured. Always keep this in mind when colouring the hair in the desired shade. We recommend applying the color to damp hair.

To save you time, we have chosen to exclude the heating and straightening processes in the production of Artist. This means that the hair does not need to be washed before insertion, and the customer gets the desired result when it comes to volume and style.

As a hairdresser, you know your customer’s needs best. Artist can and should be treated in the same way. Therefore, please provide care advice and product recommendations as if Artist were the customer’s own hair.


At Rapunzel of Sweden, we have a long experience in extensions and know that hairdressers are our leading experts when it comes to hair products. That’s why we invited hairdressers from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Malta to be part of the product development process to create the best extensions exclusively for hairdressers, stylists and their customers. To ensure product quality, the hair underwent endurance testing so that we could create a final product that meets all wishes and requirements.