Photo: Anete Toming Photography

How, what, when. Vintage, bohemian, rural . Curls or braided. Intimate, dreamy, beautiful. Autumn, winter, spring, summer. When it comes to weddings the choices are most important, equally so when it comes to wedding hair styles. With extensions you have a whole aray of possibilities in creating just the style and up-do you wish. Just like Grete. Here you can follow Grete and Joshuas trip to Jacksonville, Florida where they celebrated their big day.

Blogger Iti J styled Grete's wedding hair.

"The hair was super-soft and really easy to style! I love it! As long as you have the right colour you just can't go wrong."

"We used two different Clip-on set colours on Grete's hair in order to get that little extra and a more natural look."

What I did - step by step:

  1. The clean hair was brushed and straightened with a straightening iron. Then I applied a small amount of hair oil. 
  2. I started by attaching Clip-ons at the nape and then the sides, then back-combed the hair and used hair spray to get the clips to stay in place better. 
  3. After, I brushed through the hair and divided it into two sections, using clips to keep them apart. 
  4. I created curls in the direction away from the face on both sides. Sprayed with hair spray. 
  5. After that I brushed through the hair again and back-combed a little to give more volume and a "beach" feeling.