Wear this spring’s most stylish braids

Messy, boho, fluffy, fishtail, French or Dutch braid for everyday wear or a party... the classic braid can be varied in endless ways. Let's pay tribute to the trendy and practical braid! Is there any other hairstyle that can save a bad hair day or is better suited for spring and summer?

Let’s get fishy – fishtail braid

To succeed in creating a lovely fishtail braid, being well prepared is key! It's important to have well-brushed hair, without knots and tangles. However, if you have very fine and smooth hair, it may be easier to use dry shampoo or salt water spray. If you have permanent extensions, avoid applying the product too close to the attachments.

  1. Divide your hair into two equal-sized sections
  2. Take a portion of hair from one of the section's outer layers, cross and insert it into the other section.
  3. Repeat the process on the other side and continue by alternating with each side.
  4. Fasten with a hair band and secure with hairspray.
  5. The fewer the portions of hair you have to work with, the tighter the braid.

Tip! Fasten the hair with a hair band before you begin braiding.

Difficulty: RR 
Duration: 10 min
Good to have: Brush, salt water spray, hairspray, hair band

Mess it up – Messy braid

The messy braid, or why not braids, is actually suitable for most occasions. There's really no right or wrong here, but the main rule is: the messier, the better! The messy bohemian braid is the perfect way to make unwashed hair look trendy. But it's also a really beautiful and unusual party hairstyle. Or why not as a wedding hairstyle?

  1. Begin the braid roughly at the middle of the head
  2. Start with a small amount of hair, then build on it and work your way down
  3. Fasten with a hair band
  4. Pull out smaller clumps from the braid for a messy, bohemian look
  5. Secure with hairspray and decorate with hair accessories according to style and taste.

Tip! Try a messy Dutch braid - it's like a regular braid but with the sections placed under each other instead of over.

Difficulty: R
Duration: 7 min
Good to have: Hair spray, bobby pin, hair accessories

Wear it like a crown – the crown braid

The crown braid, the Heidi braid or the Margareta braid. A favourite with many names! A go-to braid among celebrities, but also a classic hairstyle that looks far more advanced than it actually is. As stylish as a tight braid and as classic as a messy bohemian.

  1. Begin by dividing your hair into two equal-sized sections
  2. Create two braids, one on each side.
  3. Place one braid over the head and fasten with hair grips.
  4. Place the other braid on or next to the first braid and fasten with a hair grip.
  5. Take some portions of hair and secure the hairstyle with hair grips.

Tip! If you want to go up a level, you can try the French variant. Or go for the simpler option of braiding half the hair like a half updo.

Difficulty: RRR
Duration: 12 min
Good to have: Hair spray, bobby pin, hair accessories

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