Taking care of your hair extensions in summer

Summer is here! Here we share some tips on how to take care of your extensions so that they stay healthy and fresh all summer long.

Protect your hair from the sun

It's not only skin that can be damaged by the sun's harmful rays. Even your extensions will be thankful for protection against both heat and UV radiation. A summery hat or scarf protects your hair and head, and is also a stylish accessory.

Here you can view our range of accessories to wear in your hair this summer.

Let it shine

Did you know that products which are specially formulated tailored for dyed hair are more gentle, meaning that the pigment dye lasts longer? So with the right products, your hair colour is preserved longer during the summer. Rapunzel Color & Shine is a hair care series that contains sunflower extract for colour preservation and apple oil for extra shine. In addition, the series is 100% vegan.

Check out the Color & Shine series here.

Hair oil

We often make sure to add moisture and nutrients to hair during the colder months. But it's just as important during summer! Reduce unwanted frizz and split ends with the help of a nourishing hair oil. Apply the oil to damp hair for reduced frizz or in dry hair for extra shine. Bonus: Your hair will also smell wonderful!

Brush it out

Using a really good hair brush that is specially adapted for extensions helps to keep hair tangle-free and saves a lot of time too. One tip is to always have a brush handy in your handbag or by the sofa in the evening. That way, there'll be no excuse about forgetting to brush your hair. Rapunzel Detangling Brush for hair extensions consists of flexible plastic bristles of three varying lengths, which means that the brush doesn't damage your hair.