5 New Year’s resolutions for your hair

A good hair day is just that, good. But why not make 2022 your best hair year? Here are some New Year’s resolutions for you and your hair.

Reduce the use of styling tools

Styling is often the key to a great hairdo. But as you know, styling tools do their fair share of damage to hair. Give your hair a break and let it dry naturally some days of the week. Why not try Foam curlers or our popular heatless curls kit for guaranteed heat-free styling and a result that will blow you away? 

Heat protection every time

There are no excuses! Don’t forget heat protection when styling with heat-based tools, and avoid temperatures above 180 degrees. In this way, you’ll protect your hair and also make your hairstyle last longer. Your hair will be grateful!

Mask Monday

Treat yourself and your hair once a week to a deeply moisturising hair mask. It will make a big difference! Rapunzel Hair Mask is an intensely moisturising hair mask that repairs, restores and softens hair without weighing it down. The product is also specially adapted for extensions.

Never sleep with wet hair

Wet or damp hair is more sensitive than dry hair. Sleeping with wet hair causes more damage on the hair. This is particularly important if you wear extensions since moisture can have a negative impact on the attachments. Try Bamboo Pillow Case – an organic bamboo pillowcase is both wonderfully soft to sleep on and gentle on the hair. Because did you know that bamboo absorbs up to 3–4 times more than cotton?

Update your hairdrobe

Dare to change! It’s fun and exciting to be able to change your hairstyle according to the occasion or your mood. Go from a fringe in the morning to a long ponytail in the evening. For the weekend? Go for extra length and maximum volume. Check out our temporary hair extensions and build your very own hairdrobe!