3 quick hairstyle tips


We love simple hairstyles that take as little time as possible. Anna Pankova is always successful and she shows her very best tricks.

1. Pin in a bun

You need:
A brush
Rapunzel Bun Pin
1. Prep your hair by brushing it. Hold your hair where you want your ponytail to be and brush through for an even look.
2. Coil the ponytail until it is transformed into a bun.
3. Pin in a Rapunzel Bun Pin

2. Upper Ponytail

You need: 
A curling iron
A scrunchie
1. Bend forward and put up your hair with a scrunchie on the middle of your head.
2. Depending on how thick your hair is, divide into 3-5 sections
3. Curl the sections
4. Let out your hair
5. Put up the top section of hair with a scrunchie.

3. Double Ponytail

1. Put up the top section of hair in a ponytail
2. Using a transparent rubber band, make another ponytail with the rest of your hair just underneath it
This tip gives the illusion of an even longer, fuller ponytail!