Longer, fuller hair and beautiful highlights! Tape Extensions allow you to create a new, stylish look at home.
Do it yourself or with a friend
 – we’ll guide you step by step!

Do it yourself.
Tape Extensions are the perfect method for those who want to add colour effects to their hair. Try out face framing, a popular highlighting method whereby you frame your face with a colour that is lighter than your own hair. Place the light hair sections at the front, closest to your face – a quick fix that makes a big difference and is easy to do in front of the mirror!
Premium Tape Extensions Seamless & Classic 3 are perfect for placing at the sides of your face, as the attachments are extra narrow and discreet. For maximum comfort and a natural-looking result!


Do it with a friend.
Go for a full extension with Tape Extensions for length and volume. It’s good if you have someone to help you, so invite a friend and insert Tape Extensions together!
Use 3–9 packs of Tape Extensions, depending on your current hairstyle and your desired result. Combine Seamless and Classic by placing Seamless on the top of a section of hair and Classic underneath. The attachments on Seamless are barely visible in your hair and therefore they are more suitable where your attachments can be exposed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Premium Seamless & Classic 3 in Cendre Ash BlondePremium Seamless 4 in Hazelnut Caramel


We offer different variants of Tape Extensions, but the insertion principle is the same for everyone. Here’s a step-by-step guide for a full extension.

Preparation: Wash your hair twice with Rapunzel’s shampoo (avoid conditioner) and blow dry. Make sure that the hair is healthy and strong – at least the first 10 cm from the scalp. Brush the hair so that it’s tangle-free. If your hair is curly, it may be a good idea to straighten it before insertion. Remember to use heat protection and a maximum of 180°C. Look out for cowlicks and avoid inserting an extension closer than approx. 2–3 cm from a cowlick.

1. Divide your hair into three sections by making vertical partings at the ears with a pintail comb, and put them up with clips.

2. Start with the back and take a thin section of hair at the nape, as wide as the tape attachment. Be careful not to place the attachments closer than about 3 cm from the hairline so that the hair can be put up without exposing the attachments.

3. Take a Tape section and weave it with a pintail comb. Place the section under the selected section of hair, approx. 3–5 mm from the scalp.

4. Place the section of hair on the tape.

5. Take a new tape section and apply it to the top of the hair section like a double sandwich. Press out any air using pliers. Finish the row by repeating steps 2–5. Position the attachments approx. 0.5 cm apart.

6. Make a new parting above the previous row and take a new section of hair. Build according to the bricklaying method by taking sections at an angle above those on the row below. This is to create an even distribution of hair and to avoid tangling. Repeat the procedure from steps 3 to 6 until the rear part of the head is complete.

7. Now we move on to the sides. Make a parting approx. 2 cm above the ear and take new sections of hair. Remember to keep a distance from the hairline and proceed according to the bricklaying method. Repeat on the other side – and the full hair extension is complete!

8. Trim the inserted hair where necessary to create a nice transition to your own hair. Style it!