We offer credit/debid card payment and PayPal as payment methods.

Please enter your discount code during the checkout. After you clicked on "Do you have a discount code?", you can enter your discount code and confirm it by clicking on the arrow next to it. Please check the coupon's terms and conditions in case it is not accepted.

It can take up to 30 minutes for your order confirmation to arrive. Please check also your promotions and spam tabs in your email account. If you did not receive an order confirmation after a while and your email address was stated correctly, please contact our customer service so that they can help you.

It is possible to cancel your order as long as our warehouse has not started processing it. Please call us or chat with us during the customer service's opening hours, which you find here to see if it is possible to cancel your order.

Unfortunately, we are not able to change your order. Please call us or chat with us to see if we are able to cancel the order instead so that you can place a new order.

Unfortunately, we are not able to change your address or email address.

The delivery times depend upon which country and which postage method we use, see below:

Delivery to the United Kingdom: 

Standard delivery is 3-5 working days.

Delivery within the EU:

Standard delivery: 4-8 working days. 

UPS Express - 1-2 working days. Countries covered: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. 

Delivery to countries other than those listed above is 1-4 working days (UPS).

Delivery outside the EU:

Delivery times vary depending on country. 

UPS Express 1-4 working days.


You can read more about our delivery times here.

We provide an estimated restock date on our webpage and will send your order as soon as all products are in stock. If you would like to know if there is a more specific date, please contact our customer service.

Unfortunately, we do not offer part deliveries, so that your order will be sent as soon as all products are in stock.

We will send you a delivery confirmation including a tracking number as soon as your order has left our warehouse. Please update the tracking number regularly to see where the parcel is. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for the tracking number to be activated. You can read more about our delivery times here.

If the number of delivery days that we state on the website has passed but you have not received your order yet, the shipping company might be experiencing a delay. We kindly ask you to wait for three more working days and to keep an eye on the tracking number. If you did not receive your parcel after waiting for three additional working days, we kindly ask you to contact the customer service. 

If you received an incorrect item, please return it to us and place a new order. Once we receive the item, we will issue a refund and reimburse you for the return shipping costs. 

 If you received the wrong number of items, we ask you to kindly contact customer service as soon as possible in order to resolve the problem. 

Please take pictures of the damage and keep all the packaging. Please send the photos to gb@rapunzel.com so that our customer service can help you further. 


Some of our products contain flammable substances. This is stated in the product information and applies, for example, to hair extension remover. These products are tested to ensure that they are safe to use. These products are subject to special delivery and return restrictions. When purchasing dangerous goods, only certain delivery options are therefore available.

Rapunzel of Sweden’s real human hair has been carefully selected and tested to ensure that you feel safe when buying from us. That’s why we also have a guarantee on all our extensions. For hair of Original quality (and Basic), the guarantee is for 1 month, and for hair of Premium quality, it is 5 months. The guarantee ensures that the hair does not become excessively tangled or frizzy. Some irregularities may occur when using real human hair products.
Wear and tear due to styling tools and improper care are not covered by the guarantee as these will always cause damage to extensions and your own hair. The guarantee for extension insertions is only valid when carried out at one of our concept salons in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg or Helsinki.
As a rule, you have a three-year right of complaint from the purchase date. However, the guarantee period for products with limited durability, including hair extensions, is significantly shorter. Claims can therefore only be approved within the guarantee period from the time you receive your product.
If you discover a fault in the product or have a complaint, please contact Rapunzel of Sweden’s customer service as soon as possible after you have received the product.


Yes, we have a 30-day return policy. When you receive your product, open the packaging and see if the colour, length and quantity are suitable. If the product is not suitable or you regret your purchase, you can return it.
To make an approved return, you need to comply with these rules:
  • Hair extensions are a hygiene product. This means that you are not allowed to attach your extensions to your hair if the return is to be accepted.*
  • Seals such as gold or cable ties must not be broken or removed.
  • The product must be in its original condition (untested and odourless) and packed in its original packaging with all associated parts.

*For health and hygiene reasons, hair extensions must not be tested on your own hair. This is so that the product can be sold in its original condition to a new customer.

  1. Pack the product well in its original packaging. Return it in the same outer packaging, or use your own.
  2. Fill in the return form and the return shipping label enclosed with your delivery.
  3. Enclose the return form with your order and tape the return shipping label to the parcel.
  4. Drop off the parcel at your local DHL agent. Save the receipt.
  5. We will process your return within 14 days of receiving it and send you an email once the return has been processed.
Yes, this is possible, but we recommend that you use the return shipping label you received with your delivery.
If you choose to make a return with your own return label, we recommend that you send your return as a traceable package. We are not responsible for lost parcels with their own return label.
When you make a return with our return shipping label, we charge a fee of SEK 50.
For returns with your own return label, you bear the cost of shipping.
Rapunzel usually processes returns within 14 days. Refunds are made using the same payment method used for the purchase: to a credit card or via Klarna/PayPal/Swish. When paying by invoice, your invoice will be corrected/cancelled.
When paying with Klarna invoice: Notify Klarna of your return and ask for the unpaid invoice to be suspended.
A confirmation email will be sent to you once the return has been registered with us. The refund of an approved return will then take approx. 1–5 business days.
Please note that during periods of high activity, return times may take longer, but we will do everything we can to deal with your case as quickly as possible.
When returning an entire order, the standard shipping fee will be refunded. Additional services such as express shipping will not be refunded.
We do not offer exchanges. Instead, we recommend that you return your order and place a new order.
If you are unsure of which colour or length to choose, please contact our customer service for a consultation here.

Yes. You can return dangerous goods in the same way as a normal return with our return shipping label. For returns other than with Rapunzel’s return shipping label, please contact customer service.

Yes, it is possible. Include a note detailing which item belongs to which order. Notify customer service when you have sent your package which combines several orders. Enter the return order number.

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. If the hair was purchased online, please return it to the following address: Rapunzel of Sweden AB, Fanérgatan 14B, 56633 Habo, Sweden.


If your product is defective or incomplete, you have the right to make a complaint. Complaints about hair extensions must be made within a reasonable time of the product being used for the first time. If your product is faulty, the entire product (all parcels) must be returned to us. Please include a full description of the defect in the product. The product will then be reviewed by our complaints department, which will contact you by email when the case has been investigated. The item must be dry and clean when it is sent in. In the event of a complaint, we will not reimburse any costs you have incurred in connection with the insertion and/or removal of the hair.

NB: A product that does not match the colour or length of your own hair does not qualify as a complaint. If you feel that you have received the wrong colour or length, it must be sent back as a return. Read the terms and conditions for returns under the question "Can I return my order?" above.

  1. Please contact customer service here and notify us of your complaint. Please state the order number. Wait for a response
  2. Pack the item well in its original packaging. Alternatively, use your own packaging
  3. Print out and complete our pre-printed claim form
  4. Enclose a full description of the fault in the product
  5. Send in the claim form together with the entire item(s) you wish to complain about
  6. Drop off the package at your local agent. Save the receipt.
In the event of an approved complaint, the return freight will be refunded.
Rapunzel usually processes complaints within 14 days. Refunds are made using the same payment method used for the purchase: to a credit card or via Klarna/PayPal/Swish. When paying by invoice, your invoice will be corrected/cancelled.
When paying with Klarna invoice: Notify Klarna of your return and ask for the unpaid invoice to be suspended.
A confirmation email will be sent to you once the return has been registered with us. The refund of an approved return will then take approx. 1–5 business days.
In the event of an approved complaint, the return freight will be refunded.


Rapunzel Premium comes principally from Northern China, and Rapunzel Original comes principally from China and neighbouring Asian countries. 


Rapunzel Premium 

  • Lasts up to 6 months with the right hair care
  • Often originally brown hair that has been gently bleached to lighter shades and dyed 
  • Recommended quality if you are looking for a permanent hair extension which lasts a long time

 Rapunzel Original (Basic)

  • Lasts up to 5 weeks with the right hair care 
  • Often originally dark hair that has been bleached and dyed
  • Recommended quality for temporary hair extensions or short-term permanent hair extensions

You can find more information about our qualities here.

We recommend different methods depending on how thick or thin your own hair is. Please contact our customer service or have a look at our tutorials to find out what fits you best.  

If you are unsure of which colour to choose, you can email a picture of your hair to consultation@rapunzel.com. Our experts will help find the right shade for you. Read more here.

Rapunzel of Sweden’s extensions are made of real hair, so they act like real hair. This means that the colour of your extensions will not always be exactly the same and may sometimes differ from the product images. Read more about colour differences in the colour guide.

We recommend that you have at least 10 cms of healthy hair to create a natural-looking extension of your own hair. 

It depends on your hair type, the results you want to achieve and the method you choose. Please have a look at the respective method's product page for our suggestions. 

This depends on what quality you choose and how you take care of them. Rapunzel Premium lasts for up to 6 months and Rapunzel Original for up to 1-2 months with the right hair care. Just as your own hair, extensions can also be trimmed. Tape hair has to be reinstalled after 6-8 weeks so that the attachments do not grow out too much.

Extension removal varies depending upon which method you used to attach them. Please have a look at the respective tutorial to find out how to remove the hair and which supplies are needed. 

All extensions can cause a little wear and tear, but it's minimal if you insert and remove them correctly, and take care of them according to ourcare instructions.


We advise to use Rapunzel's hair care products that are specially developed for hair extensions. Your extensions require some extra care in order to stay in good condition and with Rapunzel's hair care products you can make sure that the hair lasts as long as possible.

Read our detailed care instructions here.


Yes, it is possible to style our straight real hair extensions and synthetic wigs with hair straighteners or curling irons. But please remember to always use heat protection and less than 180 degrees Celcius! You should not use heating tools on our curly extensions.

Real hair
We do not recommend that you colour your extensions as they are already dyed and treated and we cannot guarantee that you get the desired result after further treatments. If you decide to colour your hair then it happens at your own risk and guarantees are no longer valid. Hair colouring refers to colour bombs, tinting, toning, colour-depositing masks, henna, silver shampoo, bleaching, dying and similar treatments.  
Synthetic hair
It is not possible to colour synthetic hair as it is made of synthetic fibres and colour treatments are too powerful for this type of material. 

No, the liquids used for perming hair are far too strong for extensions and we advise you not to perm them. If you choose to do so, then it is at your own risk and the guarantees are no longer valid. 

The hair should not be exposed to salt water or chlorine pools. If you want to swim/bathe we generally recommend to use a swimming cap. We cannot recommend taking a sauna with tape extensions. If you take a sauna with Keratin Extensions/Nail Hair installed, then plait your hair before and moisturize your hair with a hair treatment when washing your hair afterwards.


It can, so be sure to use a UV protection spray before sunbathing. Avoid contact with sunscreen and similar products as they may discolour the hair extensions.

The most common reason for extensions falling out is an improper installation. Other factors might be unsuitable hair care products, hair colour treatments or sauna baths.
If you had your extensions put in at a salon then we recommend that you contact them first. If you attached the extensions yourself or with a friend then we recommend that you get in touch with our customer service so that we can help you.