Say yes to long, voluminous hair and great hair days. What beats the feeling of a really good hair day? With ready-to-wear extensions, you can quickly and easily vary your hairstyle, and only your creativity sets the limits for what you can do! Healthy, voluminous, long, short – what does your dream hair look like?


In the moments.

When you drink your coffee in the morning and feel the sun’s rays on your face. When you have an inspiring meeting in the office, or a drink in town. When you smile at yourself in the mirror and enjoy a fantastic hair day. Love is in the moment.

     Products in image: Clip-on set in colour Dark Brown



Quick and easy.

With ready-to-wear extensions, you can change your style quickly and easily, for a vibrant, natural-looking result. They are easy to insert when you feel like a change, and just as easy to remove. Create dramatic or subtle changes, and have fun with length, volume and colour. Only you know how you want to feel, so create your perfect hair day!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Products in image: Clip-on set in colour Dark Brown and Sleek Hairband in colour Cendre Ash Blonde Mix


Naturligt, långt hår med mycket volym, löshår

The hairdrobe.

Build your own hair wardrobe, filled with carefully selected hair extensions, and vary your hair according to the occasion and mood. Let your choice of hair extensions be as natural as picking an outfit and perfecting your look for the day!
Longer hair with lots of volume? The answer is a Clip-on set! Going to a party? Then Clip-in Ponytail is a stylish option. Want to add volume super-fast for a great day at the office? Go for Sleek Hairband. Feeling creative? Create a stylish hairstyle with the versatile Easy Braid.

The model with brown hair wears the colour 2.0 Dark Brown, and the model with blonde hair wears the colour M7.3/10.8 Cendre Ash Blonde Mix. In addition to our ready-to-wear extensions, these colours are also available for Tape Extensions, Nail Hair and Hair Weft.