Tape-on hair accessories



Article No.: 20236.100

Tape-on Extensions accessories – Kit

The perfect accessories for attaching tape-on hair extensions.

The kit contains:

1 pair of pliers (20157.100)
Pliers with a flat surface, specially designed for easier insertion. The pliers remove air bubbles from the attachments so the hair pieces adhere better and give a long-lasting result.

5 packs of refill tape (20082)
Double-sided, ready-to-use pieces of tape for inserting and reusing your hair extensions. Width: 4 cm, height: 1 cm.

1 pack of single-sided tape (20155.100)
Tape with one adhesive side and one non-adhesive side. Perfect for those, for example, with thinner hair where two hair pieces can be perceived as too heavy. Width: 4 cm, height: 1 cm.

Toilet Bag – Limited edition (20018)
Trendy toilet bag in a practical size and fashionable colour.