Single sided Tape 3 cm

10 pieces



Article No.: 20298.100

Hair extension tape with a self-adhesive side and a non-adhesive side, so you can use only one taped piece instead of two. Perfect if you have thinner hair in which two taped pieces can feel heavy. Comes in one-size that works perfectly with Premium Tape Extensions Seamless & Classic 3. 1 packet includes 10 pieces of tape. 

Apply Single-sided Tape under your hair, and your hair extension over it. Ideal for applying high up and to the sides of your head. 
NB: When replacing Tape-on Extensions, you need to apply double-sided Refill Tape to each hair section before attaching with Single-Sided Tape.

Size: 1,18” width; 0,35” height 

Amount: 1/p