Wax bond without air bubbles


Article No.: 20070

Squeezer - for wax bonds without air bubbles

Rapunzel Squeezer – The perfect tool for a Nail Hair bond without air bubbles.   
By removing the air from your Nail Hair bonds, no moisture can penetrate the wax and therefore the hair strands hold much better in your hair. Suitable especially for those who find it difficult to roll air-free wax bonds using only your fingers. 
It’s that simple:
  1. Melt the Nail Hair bond using Rapunzel Fusion pliers. 
  2. Roll the melted wax between your fingers and thumb. Use Rapunzel Squeezer for squeezing the wax bond and pressing out all the air.  
  3. Heat the same bond gently with the Fusion pliers and soften the sharp edges so that they can’t cause any damage to your hair.