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For Liquid Gold glue

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Article No.: 20085

Remover for Liquid Gold glue

Quantity: 112,5 ml.

  • Remover for hair extensions where Liquid Gold glue has been used.
  • Perfectly suitable for extensions and where Liquid Gold glue has been used.
  • Oil based.

Liquid gold remover is only suitable for hair extensions attached with Liquid Gold glue.

How to:

  1. Apply the remover on to the fastening point
  2. Work it in
  3. Take the pin tail comb and separate the hair strands - possibly add more remover
  4. Remove the strand bit by bit until the whole hairpiece is saturated with remover.
  5. Work in remover into possible rests of wax.

We do not recommend you to tear off the extensions by using force.

Ingredients: Cosmetic Grade Mineral Oil, Petroleum Distillates, Stoddard Solvent Type 1 Trimethylbenze, fragrance.