Liquid Gold glue

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Article No.: 20084

Liquid Gold glue

Quantity: 30 ml

  • Attach your hair extensions using Liquid Gold Glue
  • The glue is suitable for attaching hair wefts extensions.
  • The Liquid Gold glue is applied on to the hair weft fastening surface and then two hair weft sections are attached on to your own hair or directly into the section of your hair. 
  • Is removed by using Liquid Gold Remover
  • For best durability there should be no air between the glue and the fastening surface.

Note: some persons may be sensitive against the glue - therefore it is advisable to test some of the glue on your skin to see if there is any reaction to it.

Ingredients: P-Chlorobenzonzotmflouride, Ethel Alcohol, Methy Acetate, Petrolium Hydrocarbon Resin, Rosen Ester and Styrene-Isoprene Block Copolymer.