Mix color ring, 28 colors


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Colour ring 28 Mix colours - Borrow/buy

Having trouble finding your colour?
Rapunzel's colour sample ring makes it easy! Borrow or buy it today and test your way to the perfect shade. Includes detachable, colour-coded strands so you can easily compare with your hair's own hue.
The Colour ring contains colours: M7.5/10.8 Scandinavian Blonde Mix, M22 Cloudy Blonde, M23 Hazelnut Brown Mix, M7.3/10.8 Cendre Ash Blonde Mix, M2.3/5.0 Chocolate Mix, M7.1/10.8 Natural Ash Blonde Mix, M7.8/10.8 Light Golden Mix, M7.4/8.0 Summer Blonde, M5.0/7.4 Golden Brown Mix, M5.4/7.8 Strawberry Brown Mix, R7.5/8.3 Ash Brown Honey Blonde, R5.1/10.8 Medium Ash Blonde Root, R7.3/10.8 Cendre Ash Blonde Root, R7.3/8.0 Cendre Golden Blonde Root, R2.6/8.0 Dark Ash Blonde Root, R2.3/5.0 Chocolate Brown Root, R2.2/7.3 Brown Ash Root, R5.0/8.3 Brown Honey Blonde Root, O5.1/10.8 Medium Ash Blonde Ombre, O7.3/10.8 Cendre Ash Blonde Ombre, O7.5/8.3 Golden Blonde Ombre, O2.6/8.0 Dark Ash Blonde Ombre, O1.2/7.5 Black/Blonde Ombre, O1.2/2.0 Black Brown Ombre, O1.2/10.5 Black Brown Grey Ombre, O2.3/5.0 Chocolate Brown Ombre, O2.2/7.3, Brown Ash Ombre, O2.0/7.5 Medium Brown Ombre
To borrow our colour sample ring:
  1. Order online and pay for your colour sample ring just like when you make a purchase.
  2. When the ring arrives, you can open the package, touch, look, compare, and find your colour. If you are just borrowing the colour ring, we ask that you return it in the same condition as you received it. 
  3. The colour sample ring can be borrowed for up to 30 days. If you don't want to keep it, send it back to us. You pay shipping costs when sending it back.