Balayage & ColorMelt color ring

Balayage & ColorMelt color ring

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Color ring – Balayage & ColorMelt

Having trouble finding your colour?

Rapunzel's colour sample ring makes it easy! Buy it today and test your way to the perfect shade. Includes detachable, colour-coded strands so you can easily compare with your hair's own hue.

The Colour ring contains colours: 
B1.0/6.12 Cherry Infused Black Balayage
B2.3/5.0 Hazelnut Caramel Balayage
B2.6/10.7 Dark Ashy Blonde Balayage
B5.0/8.3 Brownish Blonde Balayage
B5.1/7.3 Brown Ash Blonde Balayage
B5.3/8.0 Champagne Blonde Balayage
B5.4/7.2 Cinnamon Blonde Balayage
B7.3/10.10 Cool Platinum Blonde Balayage
B7.5/10.7 Sandy Blonde Balayage
C1.2/5.0 Deep Brown ColorMelt
C2.0/2.3 Deep Brown Caramel ColorMelt
C2.2/5.1 Natural Brown ColorMelt
C2.0/5.1 Dark Blonde Toffee ColorMelt
C2.0/7.4 Caramel Bronde ColorMelt
C2.2/10.5 Dark Cool Blonde ColorMelt
C6.7/6.3 Sunset Red ColorMelt
C7.3/8.3 Brilliant Blonde ColorMelt