Rapunzel® hair extension classifications

Rapunzel® is a Swedish supplier of real human hair, hair extensions and related products. Thanks to our wide range of different hair types, attachment methods, colours and lengths, Rapunzel has just the right product for you. No matter what your requirements are or what look you have in mind, Rapunzel will help you find the perfect solution for your hair type. To make sure we meet your every need, Rapunzel carries a broad range of different hair types for you to choose from. 

Below is a description of Rapunzel's hair classifications and the differences between our hair extension products.

Differences between Rapunzel's genuine hair extension products.

We want to provide you with the best possible information about our different hair classifications. To make sure we do so, Rapunzel conducts quality-control tests. First, our suppliers conduct tests during production. Rapunzel's Quality Controller also conducts regular inspections. This allows us to monitor the quality of our products, provide clear information to our customers and continue product development.

Each hair extension product contains, on average, several thousand individual strands. No two hair is exactly a like. This is human hair, and has undergone different treatments, colourings and processing in order to become an accessory of the quality, colour and style you want. We always strive to provide high quality products.