Ethical hair

We want people to feel confident in our hair extensions, but also proud to wear hair from Rapunzel of Sweden. For us it is important that our customers feel secure in the way the hair is made of and how it is purchased.  We want our customers to know that we take our responsibility regarding social, economic and environmental sustainability very seriously.
Read here for more about the ethical aspects of our work, read our Code of Conduct and follow the production chain from raw material to finished product.Anchor


Quality, service and security are Rapunzel of Sweden's watchwords. Rapunzel of Sweden’s hair extensions are genuine and come from different parts of the world. Extensions are bought in, dyed, assembled and packaged by a few carefully selected suppliers in China. Vendors who have over 20 years’ experience with hair extensions and we work closely with.
Our hair is a handicraft that requires great precision and therefore skilled manufacturers. We care about our workers and for that reason ensure that they have insurance, weekend leave, vacation and retirement, and they do not work more hours than the law allows.
Rapunzel of Sweden's other products such as hair accessories and styling tools are produced in factories in countries such as Sweden, Europe and North America. Rapunzel of Sweden has the same high standards for all its suppliers and ensure these are kept through regular communication.Anchor

Code of Conduct

Rapunzel of Sweden has a set of values that all suppliers must work from. This regulates factories' working conditions, wages and control the subcontractors amongst other things. One requirement is that those selling their hair do so voluntarily, and that child labour is prohibited.
We make regular visits to make sure that all requirements are observed and that the workers have good working conditions.

Transport climate compensation

We want the environment to be affected as little as possible by our company, which means that we choose environmentally friendly alternatives when it comes to transportation. Often, we ship products via boat and when deliveries are made by air we use the freight companies that buy up the remaining seats on flights. This way make sure that our products never take up unnecessary storage space.
We climate compensate for all cargo that goes out to customers from our store.  Through the Swedish aid organization Vi-skogen we help the people hit hardest by climate change and plant trees in Kenya and Tanzania.

Quality at every stage

Our hair extensions are chosen extremely carefully to ensure that customers receive a hairpiece that looks natural and of high quality. Hair extensions are a handicraft that require experience and precision in manufacturing, for that reason we work only with a few carefully selected suppliers who share our values and have signed our Code of Conduct.
The hair that suppliers work with come from people in different parts of the world who have chosen to sell their hair for hair extensions. The hair comes mainly from China but also from neighbouring countries in Asia.

This is how it works:

  1. Hair comes in to our factory, is combed, sorted after length, quality and colour.
  2. The hair is dyed in colour baths. 
  3. The hair is combed and the colour checked.   
  4. The bonds are attached by hand, strand by strand or sewn into wefts. 
  5. Yet another quality control is undertaken.
  6. The hair is brushed, trimmed, packed and shipped. 
  7. When the hair arrives at our Head Office it goes through more quality controls. 
  8. The hair is packaged and sent to you along with other products you have ordered.