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Rapunzel of Sweden - It´s all about Hair Extensions
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Payment & Delivery
Method of Payment
Credit/Debit card
Follow the instructions on our website.
Follow the instructions on our website.
Payment in advance (not in Sweden)
If you choose Payment in advance then a window will open which describes how to do it.  

If you have any questions regarding any other method of payment please contact Customer Services at or phone +46 90-70 60 70

How long are the delivery times?
The delivery times depend upon which country and which postage method we use, see below:

Delivery to England: 
Standard delivery is 3-5 working days.
UPS Express is 1-2 working days.
Delivery within Sweden:
Standard delivery is 1-3 working days, 
Express delivery 1 working day.
Delivery to Finland:
Standard delivery is 2-4 working days,
Parcel postage is 2-6 working days
UPS Express is 1-2 working days.
Delivery to Norway:
Standard delivery 3-5 working days

Delivery to Germany: 
UPS Express 1-2 working days
Standard delivery 4-7 working days.
Delivery to Denmark:
Standard delivery 2-4 working days. Parcel postage is 2-6 working days.
UPS Express 1-2 working days. 

Delivery to Spain: 
Standard delivery 4-7 working days 
UPS Express 1-2 working days

Delivery to Poland:
Standard delivery 4-7 working days
UPS Express 1-2 working days
Delivery within the EU:
Standard delivery: 4-8 working days. 
UPS Express - 1-2 working days. Countries covered: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Poland, Spain, Great Britain (UK), and Switzerland.  
Delivery to countries other than those listed above is 1-4 working days (UPS).
Delivery outside the EU:
Delivery times vary depending on country. 
UPS Express 1-4 working days.
Where will my package be delivered to?
Normal delivery 
Goods will be delivered to your letterbox. If the package is too big then the postal service will leave a note telling you where you can collect your package. 

Products missing from my order/wrong products. What should I do?
If you have received the wrong product/s then you should return them back to us.  When we receive it/them, we will correct the mistake and send you the right product to you, at no cost.

If you receive the wrong product/s please contact customer services on +46 90 706070 as soon as possible so that we can solve the problem. 

I have ordered a product that is out of stock, when can I expect delivery?
We provide you on our internet site with an estimated date when products are expected to be in the warehouse again. If you need to know a more exact then please contact our Customer Services desk at: or phone +46 90-70 60 70.
Return, Exchange & Claims
Product Exchange. How do I return my product?
If you have purchased a product and feel for example that the colour isn’t right, you can exchange your product or get a refund.
Klick on this link to find all information and return forms required for sending a product back to us. If you do not have a printer available then you can hand write the information on a piece of paper. Return postage is not covered by Rapunzel.  

How do I get a refund?
How do I get a refund?
Should you not feel satisfied with a product then you may claim a refund from us.  In order to do so you need to send all the hair/products back to us together with the completed claim form. You can find the forms here: Refunds. If you do not have a printer available then you can hand write the information on a piece of paper.
Once we receive the products we review them and provide you with an answer to whether the refund will be granted or not. If the refund is granted then we will even cover your postage costs. 

Gift Vouchers & Discounts
Discount code or Gift Voucher?
Gift vouchers or discount codes are entered at the check-out before you proceed with payment. You can only use one gift voucher per order. This is an example of how it may look:

Discount code or Gift Voucher?
How to care for your hair
Can I colour/bleach/tone my hair extensions?
Real hair  
We do not recommend that you colour your extensions as they are already dyed and treated and we cannot guarantee that you get the desired result after further treatments.  If you decide to dye your hair then it is at your own risk and guarantees are no longer valid.
Synthetic hair 
It is not possible to colour synthetic hair as it is made of synthetic fibres and colour treatments are too powerful for this type of material. 

Which colour should I choose?
If you are uncertain which colour to order then you can buy our colour ring or lend it, go to this link to order your colour ring.

You even have the option of e-mailing us a photo of your hair to our contact site: Rapunzel contact. It is much easier for us then to be able to advise you which colour is the closest match.

Can I swim in pools with chlorine, salt water or take a sauna?
We do not recommend that you bathe with your hair loose in salt water, chlorine pools or a sauna. If you want to swim/bathe we recommend a swimming cap, if you have a sauna then plait your hair before and moisturize your hair with a reconstruction treatment when washing your hair afterwards. 
Can my hair be permed?
The liquids used for perming hair are far too strong for extensions and we advise you not to perm them. If you choose to do so then it is at your own risk and the guarantees are no longer valid.
My hair extensions keep falling out. Why and what should I do now?
If you lose a lot of hair then this could be down to a number of different factors.  The most common reason is improper attachment (that the extensions have been attached to too little or too much of your own hair).  Examples of other factors that might contribute to you hair extensions falling out are:  which care products you use, if you have coloured your hair or if you have been in a sauna.  
If you had your extensions put in at a salon then we recommend that you contact them first.  If you attached the extensions yourself or with a friend then we recommend that you get in touch with our customers service desk so that we can help you. 

How do I remove my hair?
Extension removal varies depending upon which method you used to attach them.
For removal of Nail Hair, Quick & Easy and Skin Weft. Please contact our customer service for additional information and advice. 
Nail Hair
Use a pair of extension remover pliers and a remover.
Start by crushing the fastening point, apply remover and start loosening the fastening point using the pliers and pressing from all directions until you see that the attachment loosens and you can gently remove the extensions.   
Skin Weft
Use a remover. Start by applying the remover, then loosen and remove the attachments using a tail comb. 
Quick & Easy
Use a tail comb and a remover.
Removal method is the same as for skin weft method. 
Hair Weft
If you attached hair weft extensions, then you should use this remover: Removal Hair Weft
Removal method is the same as for skin weft method.
If you used microrings then you need to use these pliers to remove them: Pliers for removal
Press to open the microrings and remove the extension.  

For additional help please look at our tutorials.

How long does the hair/extension last?
Depending upon which quality of hair you have bought and how well you have taken care of it, will determine how long your hair will last.  We recommend that you get a check up on your permanent extensions after 5-7 weeks to verify that your own hair doesn’t grow out too much.  Go to the link below where you can read more about the different hair qualities and how long each is expected to last when cared for in the correct way. Hair qualities.
Which quality and method suits me best?

We recommend different methods depending on how thick or thin your own hair is. If you are unsure please mail or phone our Customer Service desk where you can get expert help and advice from our staff. Email us at: or phone us at: +46 90 70 60 70.  


Please view the instruction films to find out more about the different attachment methods: Tutorials

How long does my hair need to be in order to have extensions?
We recommend that your hair is at least 10 cms long in order to do an attractive and natural-looking extension of your own hair.
Hair Salons
Where are the salons?
Take the underground (the green line) to Hötorget (one station from T-Centralen).
Walk towards ”Blodcentralen”, take the escalator up and turn left.  When you get to SATS take the escalator.  Take a left turn again and take another escalator up, you will then be able to see a sushi restaurant and Subway.  Now walk towards MOOD shopping centre and you will find yourself on the street Regeringsgatan.  
Beside the Espresso House take a left turn and you should now see Rapunzel Stockholm.  
If not, look opposite 7-Eleven.
If you are coming from Kungsträdgården, the best way to find our salon is by going towards the NK department store and then take the street going up between H&M and NK.  Keep to the left hand side of the street and you will arrive at Rapunzel Stockholm after about 5 minutes.  
Rapunzel’s salon is next door to Kontor AB and Wella. 
If you have problems finding us please call: 08-519 770 70

When you come out of the central station, walk over the bridge which goes over a canal. 
Look for the Radisson Blue Hotel, the narrow street behind the hotel is where Rapunzel Gothenburg can be located. 
If you have any problems finding us please call : 031-15 45 46 
From Central station: Take bus No.2 towards Lindängen or bus No.8 towards Kastanjegården getting off at Davidshall bus stop. Walk back in the direction from which the bus came and take the second on the right – Storgatan. The salon is on the right hand side next to the SF-cinema. 
Alternative: Bus No.2 towards Lindängen, bus No.8 towards Kastanjegården or bus No.4 towards Bundflostrand and get off at Gustav Adolfs torg bus stop. Walk along Södra Förstadsgatan, over the canal and turn right onto Storgatan when you get to Telia.  You will find the salon on the left just after Filippa K. 
From the triangle: The train station, south entrance: Go along Rådmansgatan, go to the left of The Triangle’s shopping centre, go over Föreningsgatan and continue along Södra Förstadsgatan (pedestrian walkway). Take a left onto Storgatan besides Filippa K. The salon is on the left hand side just after Filippa K. 
If you have problem finding us then please contact us on: (+46) 40-643 39 88.
In our salons you can:
Have extensions done – choose from a variety of different methods, cut and colour your hair, book in a consultation to get expert help with which type of quality and colour that suits you and your colouring best.  If you have booked to get extensions done you can buy the hair there and then in the salon at the booked time.  If your hair is an unusual colour then it is always better to book a consultation first or send the salon a picture of your hair colour to see if we have the colour that suits you.  
Should you require help booking your appointment or have questions regarding extensions then please contact us at or phone +46 90-70 60 70.